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Wafeek has managed to combine catchy yet thoughtful lyrics with brand new sounds while sticking to his mantra- folks admire complexity, but reward simplicity. In this vein, "Monster" has reared its head, setting a higher standard.


Wafeek can often be found sipping tea and grey goose in a porcelain teacup whilst contemplating the plights of this modern world. He tends to fiddle with his sometimes frizzy but mostly well kempt waist length dreads. When meetings commence, he’s been known to sprawl out in the middle of questionably stained carpets, blunt in hand, ready for the daily business banter.

He’s what you could call a high functioning alcoholic. A mad man. An intellect. But primarily, Wafeek is a rapper. He exudes modesty and humility. He’s a man who’s been caught cringing, even fleeing the room when his music is played. But it must be somewhat of a façade. Even he can’t deny the raw talent he has worked so hard to develop over the years.

This St. Louis native began his hip hop career with the name Allah. But when a friend deemed the name blasphemous, it was quickly aced and became Wafeek. Close friends call him “Feek,” girls call him, “Feekee,” and he calls himself nuts.

He’s been in the rap game for most of his life. It began as a bonding experience between friends. After recognizing certain inherent skills, he decided to hone them even further. Rapping around town quickly transitioned into working tirelessly to become a successful hip hop artist.

After spending most of his existence deeply rooted in St. Louis, he decided to attempt the whole school thing. He left. He came back. It just wasn’t for him.

He currently passes his days meticulously recording his first full length album “Monster.” Of course he won’t let anyone forget the logistics of making an album is never done single handedly or vice free. His producer Rudeluv, singer/song writer Sum Difference, sound engineer Shawn, mass quantities of weed, and booze all play their role in this multifaceted artist’s budding musical career.


MONSTER the EP available on itunes. The single: Danceflo streaming FREE @ www.jango.com/music/wafeek
Latest mixtape releases available @ www.wafeek.com/music

Set List

Here's a peek at our latest set list for the January 16th 2010 show in Santa Barbara's party capital: Isla Vista!!!

1. My Friends (a hip hop take on a classic Beatles song)
2. Monster (streaming @ www.myspace.com/wafeek)
3. Dance.Flo
4. Robot (from Monster the EP)
5. Bubbles (from Monster the EP)
6. Lost (a hip hop take on a Coldplay original)
7. Forever (hip hop is nothing without it's 'mixtape" covers, and this flip of Drake's newest jam featuring Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, and Eminem is no exception)