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San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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"WAG - No Worries"

WAG is a fairly unusual rock band these days in that they don’t have one genre as much as they tossed them into a blender: rock, country, blues, punk, all of them mixed together with a sludge of 90s rock, so the songs can go from slow to fast fairly quickly. This is a rock n’ roll band with a slightly stoner feeling, and a good one at that. Lucas Nevrla’s raspy, bluesy, vocals are a perfect fit for the band as his voice works with every which way the songs go, and the rhythm section is tight and well fused together. I’ve never liked San Francisco music for the most part save for some of the garage bands (more of an Easy Bay guy), but Wag is a band of scrappy, talented guys who know how to take the positives of grunge music and work them into slacker folk.

The Nirvana and Pavement comparisons bandied around are well-founded (like the huge instrumental sounds in “Shed”), though WAG is a lot more fun than Nirvana. The songs are heavy and sometimes angst (“So Bring back the guillotine so I know how it ends up for me”), but they’re more contemplative, like the anxiety you get in the middle of being way too damn high. Anarchist references pop up, but these aren’t heavily political songs (not that grunge- style music ever has been). Sometimes there’s joy (like “grappling with California” a rhythmic shuffle where Lucas yelps about “blood in the sink and cops at the door”, like he was born for that moment)/ A lot of times the feelings of being fucked up, but either way, the focus is trying as hard as you can to find the good in life even when it’s a little dirty.

I definitely had my issues with parts of this album. If you’re not into the blues sound (and these guys are obvious fans of Jack White), don’t bother checking it out – some of the guitar can get grating if you don’t love blues-rock guitar, especially on the end of “Tin Crown”. I also wished sometimes that the sound was more gritty and more of a live rock record, especially when I’ve seen these guys live a few times live (though they’re playing is absolutely solid throughout here). It’s very clean, which is admirable, but maybe not necessary. Nevertheless, WAG is a good young band who have an absolutely promising, vital album, and if you want a great rock song, “40 Proof” is one of their best. The drums hit a certain point and then the sucker just soars. - Punknews.org

""Shed" Track Review"

WAG’s epic track “Shed” begins with a rhythmic march of ominous drums, followed by a bluesy guitar and thudding bass. The instrumental opens up for the vocals which is painted in agony and regret. This is a song of a sentimental apology. The vocals are a reprise of Mudhoney and Green River.

As the song progress, it gets louder and more engaging. The vocals transform into chants that are readymade for anyone who believes their suffering is deserved punishment. In between spaces of the verses, there are stomps of fuzzy bass and guitars. Its enough to echo deep Inside your ear cavity.

These noisy instances morph into grungy riffs that will make your head nod as you scream along. The guitar sound is crunchy and burnt up. It will slap you down to the floor. This is more than a song its a statement of aguish. “Shed” is included in wags upcoming LP no worries which comes out May 31th. - Musical Junkie

"New Music Premier : Shed"

The new San Francisco based heavy indie rock band, WAG has released an impressive single entitled, Shed. This band of young and enthusiastic musicians has really stepped their game up over the last few months, and this new single proves that they are a band to watch. With this track's spot on tonal, genre and time signature changes, the band shows some clean and daring compositional talent.

Shed starts off as an alt folk track, but quickly changes into a heavy indie rock song, and morphing one more time into a hard rock (almost metal) climax. With simple, but very personal lyrics, the song makes a strong statement without having to push the envelope. We're into it. You should be too.

Recorded at Tiny Telephone and produced by Brandon Eggleston (Modest Mouse / tUne-yArdS / Swans ), this song is the last track off of their upcoming debut LP, No Worries, which will be released both online and on cassette through the Los Angeles based record label, DRrecords. -je - Deli Magazine

"Album Review - WAG : No Worries"

Rock music is experiencing a new wave of innovation, with a number of groups contributing their creations to the music scene; yet of these bands, only a handful possess the chops to make it big.

SF based group, WAG are in the handful. Their newest album, No Worries illuminates their Strokes-mixed-with-RHCP qualities with strong vocals, solid guitar leads and commanding drum beats. This 9-song track album ranges in style, from head-bobbing summertime jams like, Delay to more poignant selections like the bluesy, poignant track, New Devils. Grappling with California is a slow, passionate jam with aurally clean guitar grooves and crashing cymbals that accompany powerful and edgy vocals, while delivering equally powerful lyrics. Shed rounds out the album with a building guitar riff and a steady drum foundation that leads up to a pleading chorus that jumps into a grungy, effects-heavy black hole of goodness.

All clichés aside, this indie-rock quartet is certain to make you WAG your tail. -Kat Collins - Deli Magazine

"WAG releases No Worries LP"

San Francisco’s WAG just released their debut LP No Worries, an upbeat album heavily influenced by ’90s rock radio. These guys aren’t just imitating Nirvana or Green Day, however. Subtle country influences that I’m afraid I will always be a sucker for help separate the band from the pack, while the energetic vocals of Lucas Nerlva manage to take the band even further. Although WAG has barely been around for a year, they’ve released a pair of EPs to go along with No Worries, which was recorded at Tiny Telephone and produced by Brandon Eggleston. WAG’s next confirmed local show will be at Thee Parkside with Coo Coo Birds and The Singles on August 7. - The Bay Bridged

"No Worries"

Some bands have great music and some should keep their day job; for WAG the latter
does not even register. The band's latest release, NO WORRIES, is a sort of hippie post-
punk surf rock album that you won't find on many rock albums today. Creatively fusing
punk rock with a tie-dye flower child sort of surf sound the bands sound is not one that is
easily matched by most of the bands I'm hearing these days online.

Songs like Tin Crown, My Baby, Grappling With California, 40 Proof, Bring Back The
Guillotine, and Shed are all examples of why this band is so awesome. Lucas Nevrla's
lead vocal is the perfect blend of hardcore and raspy; the kind of voice that extends far
beyond the average rock band front man. You can't train someone to sing this way, they
either have it or they don't, and Lucas has definitely got "it".

Musically, each member of the band rocks out exceptionally well at his perspective
instrument. While Lucas carries majority of the vocals and some guitars, Jordan Darula
contributes guitars and some vocals, Mario Garcia adds drums, and Hayden Strong does
a myriad of things from bass, synthesizers, and even the LP's cover art design. These
guys are truly a DIY band.

The songwriting was fun and creative, and while it didn't outshine the vocals and the
music (the necessary components to a successful album), the writing was definitely
competitive with top bands in the genre. While I didn't hear anything that would be
considered a Top 40 hit, I believe that was the point. WAG steered clear of the contrived
sounds we get from mainstream radio rock, remaining true to the underground grunge /
post-punk scene that seems to always be alive and breathing in the great state of
California. Besides all of that; WAG won some big "cool points" with me because I saw on
their Facebook profile that they like the Old E-40 music; some of my favorite Bay-area
hip-hop. - I Am Entertainment


Remember the multiple phases of excitement you went through during a long and highly anticipated road trip?

First, there is the initial excitement that kicks in when the car door closes, the engine gets started and the radio is turned up as you creep onto the open road. Then, after some time, there is that frustration felt when heavy traffic is hit on the freeway, and that moment of complete relaxation when you hit the long stretch of an open two lane road as you glide between the coast on one side and flat fields on the other.

And you experience a sigh of relief when the destination is finally reached.


There is a good song to sing along to while it floats and oozes out of your speakers like San Francisco’s fog over the hills in the morning time.

Tin Crown is that song. The Pavement-esque riffs and vocals that range from melodically lethargic to a frustrated growl that is reminiscent of an escape from angst that only a multiple-hour drive could evoke within you.

WAG takes a step away from the garage rock sound that has been such a heavy influence on many Bay Area bands in recent years. While many scream the scene here is dying, the band is here to tell you that it isn’t, and songs like Tin Crown are the reason why the scene is very much alive and healthy.

Tin Crown is a track that could easily be playing in the background when you’re curled up just enjoying the company of somebody close. But at times it feels perfect for moments of romantic frustration due to the lack of a lover’s phone call. The last line goes “writing on the wall is just too much to handle, but I’m handling fine,” though it’s hard to believe that’s completely true.

The chorus transitions easily between the verses, however, the highlight of the song comes during the breakdown. The tempo drops, and two fuzzed out guitars mirror each others melodies for a few measures before the original pace comes back, and the song comes to an end.

So take a listen, relax and get lost, but don’t stray too far. You’ll want to make it home in time for the release of their full length debut, No Worries.

The LP is to be dropped May 31. It’s a self release, with records pressed by L.A.’s DRecords. - Publik / Private


We caught up with Jordon Darula from WAG, an awesome indie rock band out of San Francisco, CA very recently. He shared with us their early beginnings, some of their influences, and their ongoing drive to create great music!

[Backstage Vibe] Tell us about your band. [Jordon] Three of us (Jordon – guitar , Lucas – vocals/guitar, hayden – bass ) are from Amherst/Mont Vernon New Hampshire. We went to high school and played music together in a scene of twenty musicians or so (one of them with Alex Preston *American Idol – haha). Most of the shows took place in either Luke’s basement or an old church. Luke and Hayden’s first band was called Blank Generation – you should look them up on Myspace. After high school I (Jordon) moved out to San Francisco and went to USF where I met Mario on the first day of school. We lived on the same floor and spent most of the first two years hanging out in my dorm room or going to shows. A year after I moved out to San Francisco, Lucas came out and we began playing music together. Mario quickly joined and we wrote a couple of songs together. We began to play a couple shows as WAG, but it wasn’t until Hayden Strong moved out a couple months later that we found a sound (heavy, folk, metal/grunge, punk). Hayden’s my roommate, the coolest man in the world, and an incredibly talented painter (he’s done all the band art).

[Backstage Vibe] What brought you to music? How did your story begin? [Jordon] The same thing that brought everyone else to music – music is great, it makes you feel good, it build empathy, and it has the power to create change. I think each of us finds those properties enticing.

[Backstage Vibe] What kind of music do you create? What are some of your influences? [Jordon] We try to create music that is as accessible as country, emotive as grunge, and easy to play as punk. Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Against Me! The Pixies, Pavement, Lucero, and Alice in Chains.

[Backstage Vibe] What is your favorite part of creating music? Where do you get your inspiration? [Jordon] The whole process is pretty amazing, but I think our favorite part is a new song we are working on inspires all of us. We only want to write songs that exceed all of our individual talents, and that keeps us going.

[Backstage Vibe] What were some of the highlights from the past year? [Jordon] Recording at Tiny Telephone with Brandon Eggleston, putting out our debut LP “No Worries”, Mega Bus touring in LA, and playing with all the sick bands (Tongues, Pocket Rockets, Strange Vine). We got some stuff in a couple physical stores and that pretty rad (Sick City Records & LoliPop Records). It was really great to get all the positive feedback as well, turns out a lot of older people really like it – and that feels great.

[Backstage Vibe] What’s in store for the second half of 2014? [Jordon] We are going to release a couple of music videos, along with at least another single or two and a new EP around wintertime. The singles should come out late summer/fall after we head up to Portland and Seattle. The EP is going to be heavier and hopefully produced at our own studio that we are working on.

[Backstage Vibe] What is one thing you’ve learned during your career in music so far? Any advice for people starting out in the industry? [Jordon] It’s best to do what you want when you want to while being nice and honest.

[Backstage Vibe] Anything else we should know about your band? [Jordon] If you can, come see us live!

[Backstage Vibe] Where can your fans find you on the web? - Backstage Vibe

"Rabbits Black New Artists Spotlight"

For your listening consideration, may we present to you San Francisco rock band WAG. The members of WAG just barely hit their 21st birthdays when they played live shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco this past May, but they already sound like a band with more than a few years under their belt. They recently released their first LP, No Worries, and it caught our ears immediately. There is youth, there is fire, but there is also maturity in the sound of WAG. Here’s why we think it deserves a listen and some of your time on July 23rd at Brick and Mortar in San Francisco.

The band is made up of New Englanders Lucas Nevrla, Jordon Darula and Hayden Strong. A few years ago the three moved to the West Coast and made a home in San Francisco. Drummer Mario Garcia is the lone California native, but WAG already have that San Francisco vibe going for them. Those melodic tracks like “New Devils” and “Melt” are perfect for your stroll through the Tenderloin and up around Polk St., and by the time you get to “Shed” the Embarcadero looking across the Bay isn’t a bad place to be. It’s punk rock at times, garage at other, but it stays bright enough to make you appreciate what’s good in life.

We spoke to guitarist Jordon Darula about what makes WAG do their thing. Here’s what we found out about the San Francisco four piece and their origins and future:

Lucas, Hayden, and myself went to middle school together in New Hampshire while playing in punk bands until we graduated high school. We moved out here together a couple years ago and found Mario Garcia. He learned drums for WAG, and fancies himself to be a blend of Ringo and Keith Moon. Hayden’s a Nirvana addict. Lucas loves Against Me. And I am aspiring to create “Punk Floyd”.
So what brought these four from the edges of our country to San Francisco to make music?

The city itself is incredibly inspiring. The album is about adaptation, confusion, and displacement. We wanted to create an empathetic album, because while we believe that the musicians here are talented, so many of them seem to focus on nailing a sound that has already been perfected- 60s garage, psych, spaghetti western. We wrote the songs that we wanted to hear and play. Songs that inspire teenagers to pick up a guitar & unplug from the homogenized mass media culture. No Worries is about living in wonderland.
If living in wonderland sounds like your thing, WAG might have the soundtrack for you. The band is having their official album release show on July 23rd at Brick and Mortar in San Francisco. Check out No Worries below and if it strikes a nerve check out WAG live for only $5. Tickets are available at the link below. You can stay tuned to WAG on their Facebook page and check out more music from the guys on Bandcamp. - Rabbits Black


Kitchen Demo (EP)
1. 40 Proof
2. Devil
3. Hello North East

Das Haus (EP)
1. Alice
2. Anarchists
3. Grappling With California 
4. Going Home

Fun Therapy (EP)
1. Born 
2. Grim
3. Lands End

No Worries (full length)
1. Tin Crown
2. My Baby
3. Melt
4. Grappling With California
5. Delay
6. 40 Proof
7. New Devils
8. Bring Back The Guillotine
9. Shed 



We are playing the music that we would like to hear - and hopefully getting pretty close. We've moved to San Francisco for the same reasons everyone else has and we don't plan on leaving. We don't drench ourselves in reverb, mask ourselves with tape, or really care about our bio. We play music thats attempts to blend the empathy of grunge, accessibility of nu country, and community of rap. DIY or DIE. 

or do it together.

- We are influenced by : against me, PUP, Pile, Speedy Ortiz, Dino JR, pavement, willie nelson, velvet underground, and gg allen. 


Band Members