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East Syracuse, New York, United States | SELF

East Syracuse, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative




""I've never seen or heard anything like that before.""

*Unlike many bands around, WAGNER has been much more concerned with giving audiences a musical experience they have never had before and crafting great recordings than cultivating a press portfolio. Our performances are a revelation to whom we find in the room, and our reviews come from the people that try to leave the venue after their friend's band plays...but after one song cannot pull themselves away from this unseen display. The quote in the headline has been repeated to each member of the band after every show played, and often the single encounter changes what people thought they knew about originality. We are currently lining up future shows and showcases, and for our upcoming album release. We have had press reviews, but they are from years and lineup changes ago, and are not available at this time besides the following:

This blurb is from the site UVTV that hosts music videos from around the world. The owner Rich Stahle is a dear friend and has given the following description of what we are about:

"Are you ready for something different? It's not metal, nor hard rock, nope not alternative or progressive, and certainly not pop-rock. What are they then?


Wagner is some kind of unique combination of all of the above elements with a little Wierd Al humor injection to boot. Check 'em out.

You'll love them. Or you will hate them. Just give it a try you might be surprised!"

- WAGNER show-goers.


"C-Section" video has landed us a look from a few labels that "hadn't seen anything as original and interesting in 3-4 years", a lending hand from "Full Entertain" management with Terry Nails (Bass for Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Tutone, etc.)

Current album "Music, Dingus" is in the final stage of mixing/mastering. The featured selections found here are among the songs on the amazing forthcoming CD.

Our live performance video is constantly requested at UVTV (Underground Video Television). Visit the site here: http://www.undergroundvideotelevision.com/wagner.php

Special thanks to UVTV's Rich Stahle.



-Dan Wagner is a man who can Woo you & Rock your socks off all in the same evening-

If you're a fan of music entertainment "Wagner 3000" is the band for you. Wagner has been compared to Bowie, Iggy Pop, Talking Heads, Zappa and various other eclectic artists you know and love. He is a role model citizen gone psycho, and that psychotic release roller coasters through every live show.

WAGNER 3000 has been causing calamity on the Syracuse NY music scene and surrounding region since 2004.

Currently Playing are:
-Dan Wagner- Vocals / Rhythm and Lead Guitar (Great sounding music and high energy entertainment, those are the top priorities to this guy).
-Greg Cwikla- Drums (no joke folks, you've got to be a nasty drummer to play in this group).
-Anthony Saturno- Vocals / Lead and Rhythm Guitar (This cat will shred your face with a smile a mile wide).
-Matt Hampson- Vocals / Bass (One bad player with a wit that would make your grandma blush).

Alternate Players:

-Brian Williams (AKA Beard-o the Weird-o)- Vocals / Lead and Rhythm Guitar (charming, seductive, hung like a mule, is not ashamed of his sexual relationship with your grandma, and his beard always smells geriatric).
-Matt Houghtailing- Drums (currently terrorizing drum kits in NYC. Highly sought after nasty ass Drummer. As stated before "you've got to be a nasty drummer to play in this group").

All in all this band will make you wonder . . . . why didn't I think of that?