Wagner & The Kings Of Babylon
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Wagner & The Kings Of Babylon

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Wagner & The Kings Of Babylon

Two full length CD's

The Kings Of Babylon

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Factoid: Off the wall people usually act to draw attention to themselves or because they are genuinely outlandish by nature.

The Band “Wagner and The Kings Of Babylon” are genuinely outlandish by nature. "If I become gay I will love 311," said Dan Wagner (Lead Vox, Guitar) with a crazed grin similar to that of The Joker. Beyond the complete despise of 311 and the overuse of oft-deemed politically incorrect words that are not used in the manner they connote, lifelong Syracusian Wagner understands what it takes to write and perform ROCK.

In 2004 Dan formed his all original musical spectacle known as “Wagner”. "We were a non-threatening group," said Wagner. "But we were clowns," he added through teeth clasping a cigarette and an expression of pure excitement. “Wagner” started out as a band for people who are simply fans of music. The band incorporated numerous musical elements blended together in a powerful and melodic way. Its loud and deliberate sound was reminiscent of early Nine Inch Nails and Primus. Early on the band caught the attention of the Syracuse music scene. And, they created a serious buzz with their musicial talent and live stage onslaught throughout Central New York. Wagner has also created die hard fans along the way including Rich Stahle, owner of UVTV. Rich has filmed and produced some of Wagner's music videos and remains close to Dan and the band. Rich always said, "Dan is talented and his outlandish ways could easily be considered by a record company"

Now four years later the band has morphed with Dave Fibiger (Guitarist) from The Kings Of Babylon. The musical connection made by Dan and Dave has created new sonic landscapes and re-energized all the Wagner & The Kings Of Babylon material. Dan and Dave have been writing and recording new material at Honey Hush Productions (Dave’s studio on Oneida Lake in Upstate New York). “Dan’s voice and musical ideas are freakin’ unbelievable”, says Fibiger. “And the rhythm section consisting of Matt Hampson (Bass) and Matt Houghtailing (Drums) are the best, period”.

The band member’s tastes in music vary wildly, however, they mesh as a unit extremely well. The music is very unexpected, said bassist Matt Hampson. "I would not expect something so eccentric and spastic from such a clean cut hippie’s." When people attend a “Wagner and The Kings Of Babylon” show, they truly never know what to expect. One night amputated mannequins will appear on stage through a hail of strobe lights and another night a multitude of drunken fans will request to play the drums and sing onstage with the band. “Wagner and The Kings Of Babylon” certainly do not feel the need to hold anything back and are constantly teetering on the line of acceptance and indecency. All drama and controversy aside, their objective is to have fun and to ROCK you. "If you did not have a good time with us tonight, that's your problem," said Wagner, who also generally lives by the same optimistic yet arrogant slogan.

Wagner and The Kings Of Babylon seem to have it all together. The band will be releasing their next album at the end of September 2008 and they are continuing to tour.

However, if the band does not make it in the music world, Dan has a back up plan.
"If it hits the fan, I will buy a tank. Crank up 311. Then roll through town with a bottle of tequila."


Wagner and The Kings Of Babylon perform music and provide edgy realworld entertainment. We may say things that certain folks might find offensive. However, we're just entertainers giving all of our fans and audience members a show. So, have a real good time at our show and please don't suck!

See ya soon,

Wagner & The Kings Of Babylon