Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

There are two kinds of people in the world. People who love Wagons and those who haven’t seen the band live. Equal parts Nick Cave and Johnny Cash, Wagons are like the host band at some kind of hellish rodeo, producing country tunes that are as greatly dark and murky as they are dance-inducing.


WAGONS are unanimously lauded as one of Australia’s great acts. Led by the rare charisma of frontman Henry Wagons they offer heavy doses of stomping outlaw country, irresistible crooning and classic pop.

In both the live forum and on record, the band draw upon an uncommon range of influences given the current musical climate, including jump suit era Elvis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, the grit between the floorboards at the Ol’ Opry, the spit in 70’s trumpet sections and Cormac MacCarthy’s psychedelic Westerns. Their live show is a performance like no other, treading a line between a Vegas 70s showroom extravaganza and a bunch of fresh faced undertakers letting loose at a
rained sodden rock festival. Having spent the last few years
supporting and touring with the likes of Justin Townes Earle, Lucinda Williams, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero’s, Calexico, Bill Callahan, Will Oldham, Okkervil River, John Hiatt, Jolie Holland and just recently completing a 16 date USA tour including AMA and SXSW showcases, it is safe to say that Wagons are road hardened, formidable live band.

2009’s album The Rise and Fall of Goodtown, the band’s fourth, saw them them win best group and best album in the 2009 Age EG Awards, local band and album of the year in
Rhythms magazine as well as in the Mess and Noise Readers Poll along with a string of further feature album, best live act and record of the year accolades. Henry Wagons was also named one of the ‘Top 100 Most Influential Melbournians’ by
The Age Melbourne Magazine.

Their latest album, Rumble, Shake and Tumble went public on May 6 2011 and has already garnered much critical attention including 4.5 stars in The Age and a further string of four
star reviews.

“Henry wagons is like Dr Suess meets Conway Twitty, a great performer, a good man, and a bad driver!! Henry struts like a Tennessee walking horse on PCP.” - Justin Townes Earle

“Wagons’ take on Country is based on the early classics and drenched in humor. But the music’s no joke - it’s well written, imaginative, often cinematic and critically-acclaimed for its authenticity.” - City Beat / Cincinnati USA

“The theoretical love child of The Doors and ZZ Top had inappropriate relations with the theoretical love child of Johnny Cash and The Bad Seeds. Henry Wagons somehow channels that haunting spirit of the Wild West, while simultaneously
pointing a six-shooter in your face daring you to change the CD” - American Songwriter Magazine


"Henry's ragged vocals and the band's seasoned exuberant ensemble shuffle made for the most likeable local album"

"Melbourne band WAGONS are a group of gentlemen with incredible talent, range and ability. In less than no time they have become one of the biggest tickets in the country"

"Wagons are entertainers. Their leader Henry is in typical cantankerous form as he fires one barb after another in his usual razor-sharp-witted vein. This head-banded, humorous man has made the theatre his own tonight he and his Wagons deliver another illuminating showcase."

"Wagons offered country, covers and carols – all with class and charisma to burn."

"Wagons just can’t help but be authentic and engaging"

"Henry Wagons that is rivalled by only Jarvis Cocker for charisma. He loves it. We love it. The band are experts and Si's rap song is again dangerously close to the best thing ever"

"Wagons is likely out of his mind, and seems determined to jar you right out of yours"

"Henry possesses one of the best presences in town and he wasn’t shy to flaunt it all over the festival Hall stage, riling up responses from the crowd and serenading/taunting various members of security staff"

"Straight outta Melbourne, fresh from Falls and BDO, the band are tight as fuck, driving, stomping country rock at it’s best"

"Constant touring has shaped them into a tight, fun and rewarding band"

"There's a touch of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; but Wagons, besides owing a major debt to the 70's, have managed to filter and master enough of their influences to cut fresh ground for themselves, and make an album thats short and sharp and very entertaining"
Monthly Magazine

"The next certified Australian rock star, he has Johnny Cash's oration and can be equally cantankerous, morbid, vulnerable and downright funny."


"Henry has been blessed with a voice that seems to resonate all the way from hell itself. It’s possible that this man could be the devil in disguise, sent here to trick us into thinking that what he was saying and singing is socially acceptable and we should all follow him blindly into the abyss."

"Wagons have been th


2002 - Trying to Get Home
2004 - Draw Blood
2007 - The Curse of Lightning
2009 - The Rise and Fall of Goodtown
2011 - Rumble, Shake and Tumble
2012 - Expecting Company? (Henry Wagons)

*all albums have received plenty of national airplay in Australia and in USA and Canada

Set List

Wagons typically play a prime selection of songs from across their last few releases including singles, Goodtown, Drive All Night 'Till Dawn, Snake Bite and Man Sold. Wagons also tend to throw in audience favourite, cover of the Elvis version of 'Never Been to Spain'. Wagons almost always blow down the door with their punk-country prison finale, Jail Its Hell