Wait for Zero

Wait for Zero


We are a performance-based hardworking band. We strive to keep our live show new, energetic, and innovative for all ages and genres. We mix heavier rock with melody and tasteful song writing.


WAIT FOR ZERO is an all original hard rock band based out of the Indianapolis area. The band has just released their first E.P. entitled "Find a Way" for sale at www.waitforzero.com. They just got back from Panama City Beach, FL after playing at Club LaVela, the largest night club in the U.S. They are currently in the planning phase of a summer long tour. The guys are continuously writing new material for the full length album, not yet scheduled to record. Keep your ears and eyes open, they have just begun to show what they have to offer.


E.P. - Find A Way
Singles - 1.) Real Friends Glow in the Dark
2.) Walking on Water

Set List

1.) Real Friends Glow in the Dark
2.) It All Comes Down to this
3.) Find a Way
4.) Walking on Water
5.) Just Another Love Song
6.) One More Day
7.) (cover - Simple Minds) Don't You Forget About Me