Waiting 4 Andy

Waiting 4 Andy


Waiting 4 Andy (W4A) Live Loud and Original music so diverse it's hard to put into a genre,so unique that the music appeals to a broad range of music lovers from all walks of life. Passionate vocals, soaring guitar licks and driving rhythms, are the basis of this excitng and energetic live act.


W4A is a six piece band that has reviewers and punters alike, searching for superlatives to describe their music. They work tirelessly at producing songs that continue to cross genre's and have their own identity. The band prides itself on delivering an energetic infectious performance every time they hit the stage. They leave the punters wanting for more and feeling good. Without fail this band has the crowd on its feet at every gig, grooving out to songs they are generally hearing for the first time. This is a testament to the quality of the live performance and the songs themselves.

With gigs under there belts at the Bridgetown Blues Festival, Fremantle Arts Centre, Swan Basement and The Rock Inne to name a few, combined with a residency at Fremantles Bar Orient, a recent sold out show at Fremantles Flytrap, they are building a strong and loyal following. Waiting4Andy are in high demand, with gigs booked every weekend. The bands moto is "never knock back a gig", these gig junkies just love to play, such is the passion and work ethic.


Back In The Mud Again

Written By: Mick Parker

Started a young man
No meat on my bones
No strength in my back

But as I got older
The ordeal was lessened
As I got the knack

But I found it tiresome
I knew it was always not for me
So I moved on now, tried my hand at many different things

Didn't work out well the last one,
Didn't play the tune to set me free,

Oh I'm back in the mud again
Won't you help me, won't you help me please.
Not down that road again
It'll catch me up like a disease.


W4A released their debut album in September 2010. The albums title track and name "Back In The Mud" is a reference to Micks days running his own fine dining restaurant and then returning to his trade as a grano worker.

They are regulars on RTR FM's Spoonful of Blues, where they recently performed live in the studio, delivering new songs about Aboriginal warrior Jandamarra and a song about Wittenoom called Blue Dust. These are just some of the new material Mick wrote, whilst on a six month Solo tour of the North West and The Northern Territory, where the last 100 CD's of the 1000 printed were sold.

The album is available through the bands website and of course, at gigs.

Set List

1. King of Cool
2. Back in the mud
3. Jandamarra
4. Blue Dust
5. Follow Me
6. Back in the mud
7. Journey
8. Movin out
9. Interfering
10.Man called Sid
11. Creek dog
12. One track minded man