Waiting for Bliss

Waiting for Bliss

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Waiting for Bliss is an Alternative pop duo comprised of Kat Wilson and Britt Mitchell. Adopting energies from the ocean, the jungle, the woods and the city and injecting them into foot stomping, dance inducing alt pop tunes. Pick a harmony, any harmony, and sing along.


Byron Bay born Brittany Mitchell, 22, and Perth native Katherine Wilson, 19, began their musical journey in July 2010 when they formed a duo after bonding over a shared love of song writing, echoing harmonies and jungle drums. They quickly found themselves stumbling into open mic nights around Perth then moving on to hold their own with a spot at the One Movement Festival ‘10 and the City of Joondalup Festival in 2011. With an ever increasing fan base and performances at the Indi Bar, The Cottesloe Beach Hotel, Manhattans, the Velvet Lounge, Fremantle Sailing Club, the Rosemount and more, they’re gathering their foot stomping alternative pop tunes and recording their first 10 track album ready to launch in December. Their tunes reflect their surroundings, featuring whatever instrument they’ve decided to pick up; echoing keys, flowery vocals, complex harmonies, big percussion, wailing guitar, banjo, glockenspiel and anything else they could find in Kats garage. “The chemistry these girls have is contagious, every smile, melody and beat is passed straight to the audience; it makes for a very personal show, very entertaining” – Michael Conboy (Fremantle Sailing Club).


Waiting for Bliss - Statues & Lines EP
Waiting for Bliss - Acoustic Live 2011

Set List

Crafted Lines
The Getaway
Ode to Suburbia
London Town
I've been Getting Some Sleep
All the Cool Kids
Anywhere But Home
Crazy Beautiful Light
Lay Me Down