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Waiting for Decay

Seminole, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Seminole, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Band Rock Acoustic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




If the latest song "Middle", from the band Waiting For Decay, is any indication of what's to come, then I personally am watching the clock waiting for the new CD to drop. The song is aggressive, the vocals are stellar and it is obviously the product of pure, raw, incredible talent. Every time I hear a song from these guys and think it's the best one they have done yet, something like "Middle" emerges and I am proven wrong once again. - Metalholic Magazine- Slaverwriter6

"Diggin Waiting for Decays latest"

"Diggin Waiting for Decays latest single "Middle". In most cases I'm down to be the middle of a chickie sandwich, however in this cases, WFD telss of a women who leads you back to hell. A story I know all to well living in LA. Aww Who am I kidding, Devil woman, I love you all!!" - Jimmy Roc - Hollywood Music Television

"WFD's Middle Rocks!"

'WFD's song Middle Rocks! I know use it in my "Future Soldier Physical Fitness Training" to get them pumped up!" - Staff Sergeant Botto- United States Army

"Local Band Spotlight"

WFD has been on rotation X103.9's Local Music Spotlight for and asked to perform for the station numerous times - KCXX -X103.9

"Metal Sanaz"

"After listening to WFD for the first time , I knew I found some thing REAL GOOD . Beside the talent that is obviously heard in the music , I loved the fact that it drew me in from the first note to the end . There was no need to listen to it a hundred times to get the "Feeling" , so before the first song was over , I was already writing the guys to thank them for being such a great band " - Metal Sanaz

"Eban Crawford"

"Doing an independent music podcast, I come across a lot of bands. Many are OK or good even, but don't posses that "IT' that makes a great band.

To be a great rock band takes tons of passion, drive, and talent, to pull this off acoustically takes a hundred fold of those qualities.

Waiting for Decay pulls this off without breaking a sweat. This is one of the best and most fresh sounding bands I have heard in quite a while. They possess the "IT", the ingredient that great bands are made of.

I predict nothing but great things for the future of Waiting for Decay!" - Reaching for Lucidity

"TSA Radio"

"Waiting for Decay is doing something that very few bands are doing right now--they back up heart-felt rock lyrics with a rich unplugged sound; they're on the cutting edge of something new and I expect that we'll see more of them in the very near future." - Mike V

"Skinnie Mag"

Featered in Skinnie Mag in two seperate issues - Skinne

"Cd Review"

Waiting for Decay are Metal in a power cut. Is that a bad thing - not in my world. This is 21st century post Nu-metal with a twist - this is acoustic baby! So is it Metal or is it blues? The driving guitar and bass, despite being acoustic, coupled with hard vocals in Mask or Face are definitely so, but have the flavour of an unplugged session. Tracks like Muddy Water move away from the Metal sound and move towards a Southern Blues/Rock sound, whilst still retaining a Metal current running through it. The final track on the album, Last Call, has a Spanish/Latino flavour thrown in to the guitar sound adding yet another level to the depth of this already diverse album. With a blues and bluegrass undertone, Waiting for Decay fuse a distinct mix of laid-back melancholy of the Deep South, with a hard, grungy, Metal workhorse dragging it's lazy carcass out of the muddy riverbanks and kicking it's ass into gear. Definitely one for the Metal and Hard Rock fans, but easily accessible for music fans who aren't so accepting of raucous ear assaults. Arena for the Unwell has the unmistakable first album sound, with simple, yet effective production, giving the album a raw unpolished beauty, which retains the untempered energy and multi faceted influence of a broad spectrum of genres. I only hope their second album retains these elements and isn't washed away by ambitious, money driven commercial production teams, who just don't get where they are coming from!

"Music Connection Critique's WFD 2009"

Music Critique from Music Connection Magazine (Issue Feb. 1 2009)

Waiting for Decay have forged what could be termed “acoustic metal”. Inspired by Alice in Chains and Soundgareden, the band seems to be holding its muscle in reserve. Singer Dewayne Clifton embodies the strong-yet-tortured-soul persona that is the hallmark of this genre. The bands organic, brooding approach will please some metelers, but not those who demand more snarl and shrapnel from the music. Still, W4D have put together a sharp, clear pristine production that could attract interest from film/TV scouts. - Music Connection Magazine

"WFD wins I.E. Award"

A new band on the scene, "Waiting for Decay", won the award for "Most Outstanding Inland Empire Band" Thursday night. The 2006 Rockines, held at the BB Kings club in Universal City, recognized WFD over numerous bands that were nominated for the award. With their acoustic brand of rock adding a fresh sound on the airwaves lately, judges were quick to highlight the group. - Rock City News

"WFD Wins RCN award"

2006 WFD Wins "Inland Empire Band of the Year" by RockCity News. - Rock City News

"WFD Wins at the IEMA"

WFD wins "Best Alternative Band" at the 2007 Inland Empire Music Awards held at the Morango casino Key Club. WFD takes home their first IEMA award beating out last years winner. - IEMA


- Single "Savannah Rose" Featured on FM Stations X103.9, Star 98.7, M99.5, Katt FM and KCLB 93.7
- "Middle" Single Release Dec 14th 2010
- Arena for the Unwell -Release Date June 27 2007
- Elevation- 2006 CD Release - Tower Records
- "Brave Man" - KMRJ M99.5- Rotation- Sunday Night Music Radio Show
- "No Change" - KMRJ M99.5- Rotation- Sunday Night Music Radio Show
- "Too Far Gone" - KMRJ X103.9- Local Music Spotlight Radio Show
- "Bleeding Grey" - MDR Motorsports Extreme 2005 - Video Showcase
- "New Enemies" - Worr Games 2005
- Total Music Score for the Aldelanto GrandPrix
2004 (TBR)
- 2004 - "waiting for Answers" self released



Waiting for Decay’s multi-versed appeal have conjured an assortment of tour dates, radio interest, and multi-media press. In addition, the band is professionaly represented with an active manager, recognized label, and qualified publicity firm. The band’s sound is often described in the press as hard-core metal with an acoustic filter, grunge, blues, and southern rock. All these genres not only fit Waiting for Decay’s radio presence, but scratch the surface of categories of which the band's sound can fit into.

Waiting for Decay has played at the infamous Viper Room, The famed Roxy, opened for L.A. Guns, opened for Adema at The Knitting Factory in California, are listed as one of Los Angeles’ top 100 rock bands, made “Top Artist” in several categories on MySpace (rock, metal, acoustic), released an album titled Arena for the Unwell in 2007, and owns feature quotes from writers with Skinnie Magazine, Music Connection Magazine, and Fresh Ink Magazine to name only a few of Waiting for Decay's foremost achievements.

While the band headed to the studio in Fall of 2010 with the well known producer Eric Greedy, TRP Music Group (represented with Tim Robinson) will be conscientiously promoting Waiting for Decay’s 2010-2011 tour. WFD will be performing at music festivals and venues all around the US.

Waiting for Decay is not a band on the rise. Waiting for Decay is a band who has been recognized. Their accomplishments have brought their sultry cavernous sound, and multifaceted lyrics, to the forefront of their peaking career.

- Winner 2006, 2007, 2008 - Inland Empire Music Awards

- Winner 2006, 2007, 2008 - Rock City News Awards

- Winner 2008 Crafton Hills College BOTB

- Release of "Arena of the Unwell" listed as 2007's top CD releases for 2007 for SB Sun Newspaper

- Listed as a "Top Artist" on Myspace in Multilple Catagories nationally (Rock, Metal, Acoustic)

- www.myspace.com/waitingfordecay