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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Fri May 12th show at the El Mocambo"

"Not a Clue rocked out and set the stage for our headlines that night which were Waiting For Grace. When they hit the stage they took no prisoners with their hard hitting in your face songs. The fans got a little excited when Dan Medeiros, vocals, started throwing free shirts into the crowd. State of Grace proved to be a hard act to follow". - Supernova.ca


“It was in early May when I had the privilege to experience “Waiting For Grace” first hand. Their presence on stage and chemistry with one another was stunning. The energy they gave off after the first guitar riff, of “The Warning”, was ripped out by lead guitarist Raphael Bissessar was enlivening. From that moment on, one could not help but travel to a ‘waiting for grace.

Q: Why are you here? Why did you choose music as career?
A: Raph: “Music is the only thing that motivates me, and emotionally charges me.”
Dan: “Music is my passion, dream and goal in life”
Colin: “Music is the fiber of my being….and I want Chicks! Hahaha!”

Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring band and/or artist?
A: “Take it seriously early, never give up and stick to your guns, because in the end it’s the self journey. It’s finally your path to happiness.”

Q: What is the biggest conflict that you face as a band?
A: Writing and time. Life just gets in the way sometimes. It took us 6 months to finish writing “Verga Effect”

Q: What/who are your musical and/or lyrical inspirations?
A: Raph: “My Cousin inspired me to play guitar when I was young. He played and I just followed directly in his footsteps. Tool, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd are my main influences. I kind of just grew with the progression of music.”
Colin: “Bon Jovi”
Derek: “1. PJ Harvey 2. Tool 3. Led Zepplin”
Dan: “Everything influences me. Everything from the mood I’m in, the season, the weather and just life. Whatever I’m listening to at the time, it ranges from classical to hard rock.”

Q: What is your writing process?
A: “It’s a group effort. It usually starts off with a riff from either Raph or Derek. Colin, will then come in and give it structure on the drums and Dan will polish it all up. But our process is starting to change a bit now that Dan is starting to play more guitar. Our writing is definitely evolving.”

Q: What are your goals and aspirations for the future?
A: Raph: “Longevity and being able to do something you love with people you click with.”
Colin: “Doing this 20 years from now.”
Derek: “Hearing our music on the radio and getting signed.”
Dan: “To play the ACC and huge festivals.”

Q: What charities would interest you most to donate to in the future?
A: “The diabetes association and the Cancer society. Derek’s sister had grown up with Diabetes, and all of our families have been touched with Cancer. We would love to support great causes as those to help find a cure.”

Q: Are there any quirky pre/post performance or rehearsal rituals? Any funny or interesting facts you think would entertain your fans?
A: “Raph has to wash his hands every time before he plays…weirdo…We have a pre-show Motto to help keep us together and controlled on stage, we tend to get a little excited : CONTROLLED POWER.” - Shannon McKenzie


Demoed - 2005 (5 Song EP)
The Verga Effect - December 2007 (10 Song LP)
The Darkest Door - TBA 2009



Waiting For Grace is an original heavy/melodic hard rock band based out of Toronto Canada that was initially started up by drummer Colin Paradine in the latter part of 2004. Within a few months of the bands inception & several line-up changes, guitarist Raphael Bissessar was added into the mix through an ad in a musicians classified website. It wasn't until a few weeks after Raph had joined the band when Colin & Raph realized that they were the only two in the existing band with the same musical vision. With this realization, an ugly break-up ensued with ½ of the founding members. It was at this point that Colin and Raph set out to find a bassist. Colin went back through former bands he had played in and eventually found Derek Ritschel. Three months and 400 phone calls later, Colin was able coerce Derek into joining the band. Then began the daunting task of finding a lead singer (and we do mean daunting…seriously folks, some guy wanted to name a song Meat Eater).

From Canadian Idol hopefuls to karaoke queens, Waiting for Grace spent the better part of a year searching through countless singers. Finally, when desperation was starting to set in, they came upon Dan Medeiros in the spring of 2005 who has brought along the voice and style the band had been looking for.

Combining influences such as: Tool, Finger Eleven, PJ Harvey, and even Bon Jovi, Waiting For Grace has found a balance between 4 unique individuals to create one sound. Using catchy hooks and heavy guitar riffs, their sound is riddled with dark angst and pounding choruses. Each song brings its own feel and story giving the listener not just another song, but something memorable.

The band recorded their first 6 song EP entitled "Demoed" at a barn in the middle of nowhere which resembles something out of the movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". After 3 Months of therapy, the Band hit the road to share the word of Waiting for Grace to the world. Along the way, the band opened up for the likes of Social Code, State of Shock & A Thousand Cures, who won the first ever Garageband.com face-off competition.

Since the release of “The Verga Effect” the band has enjoyed praise from fans and critics alike. After entering a few songs into the Garageband.com competition, Waiting for Grace has received such accolades as “Best Guitar”, “Best Bass”, “Best Drums”, and “Best Vocals” among others. Two of the songs entered also received “song of the day” honors.