Waiting For Jimmy

Waiting For Jimmy


More honest than your teacher, better looking than your preacher, and rougher than the kids you wished you'd smoked on the corner with


Waiting for Jimmy started in the St Louis area in 2002 and have been steadily playing together ever since. Their first official studio work was self released in November 2008 and recorded at Sawhorse Studios with critically acclaimed St Louis producer Jason Mcentire(LUDO, Ha Ha Tonka, Son Volt, Magnolia Summer, Destiny's Child). Jada Ryan(songwriter, lead vocals) has spent 6 years enlisted in the US army as a paratrooper and served two tours in Iraq, and the imagery and emotion behind the experience of war has fueled the songwriting of wfj for years. Their full length album is slated for release in Feb 09, once again with Mcentire at the helm. 2009 has seen them share the bill with David Allan Coe, Sponge, and Marcy Playground. Quickly gaining steam as one of the promising acts to hail from the St Louis area.


Waste Your Life

Written By: Jada Ryan Grindstaff

Gave my word to the man, gave everything I own to a woman and ain't neither one here tonight. Start marking the time by the miles stacked between oil changes and counted the years by the time that I'm away. What a way to waste your life, what a way to watch it burn. What a way to watch it fly right by always chasing her. It's too easy to say goodbye.
Get caught in between the miles of pages that I write to you today. There are two truths to every lie in my life I've ever told, only problem is I only admit the lies on nights when I'm alone.
What a way to waste your life. What a way to watch it burn. What a way to watch it fly right by always lookin at her. It's too easy to say goodbye.
So wait at the top of the stairs and I'll do my best tonight to not give away the things that I've been hiding in my eyes. I'll take my time to make sure that I do right by you and I'll try everything to take back what I know is coming true.
What a way to waste your life. All this change of scenery. What a way to watch it fly right by. Oh its something to see. And it's too easy to say goodbye. I'll lie and say it's never easy saying goodbye. I am always saying goodbye.


maybe this is all i've got EP(Aug08)
Before We Lose It All EP(Nov08)

Before we lose it all is available in streaming format on numerous internet radio station including napster, thesixtyone.com, and others.

Set List

we can play for 3 sets up to an hour apeice. We have been required to fill 4 hour slots before until our hands bled and will do it again if it is neccessary. We do a few covers when we feel the energy, here are a few of those:
Angel From Montgomery-John Prine
What I Got- Sublime
The Weight- The Band
Rain- Breaking Benjamin
Topeka- Ludo
Hang- Matchbox 20
Me and Julio- Simon and Garfunkel
Welfare Music- The Bottlerockets
Redemption Song- Bob Marley
Hero of The Day- Metallica