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Waiting For Now



Waiting For Now is an original band from Cincinnati, Ohio that has unique sound and taste for today’s music. The band consists of four band members, which include the following; Matt St. George (Lead Vocals and rhythm guitar, age 19), Andrew Horton(Drums, percussion, and back-up vocals, age 25), John Yung (Lead guitar, keyboard, and back-up vocals, age 22), and Corey Carter(Bass, age 19). Since late 2003, the band has shifted its musical style from playing punk rock, to a more acoustic/alternative rock based sound to reflect their advancement in musical ability and originality.
The band has played many venues throughout their start in late 2002, which include opening up for Blessid Union Of Souls, as one of their very first shows together as a group. They have played everywhere from local coffeehouses, county fairgrounds, schools, churches to city bars and clubs such as Bogart’s and The Holy Grail. In late 2004 the band went into the studio to record their first demo with sound engineer Darryl Marcum.
Currently, Waiting For Now is working on material for their first album. Even though this band has gone through some hard times with losing close friendships and band members, Waiting For Now is still alive and kicking as they are making their way through the music scene.


Limited Release Demo- (Waiting For Now) "The Journey Ahead"

Radio Play- WMC0 90.7 Muskigum College Radio

Set List

1.) The Journey Ahead
2.) Coffeeshop Song
3.) I don't want to be you
4.) Till the end of time
5.) Apology
6.) Pirates Lament
7.) Lighthouse
8.) Song 16
9.) I'll be right there
10.) Moving to the city
11.) One more glass of Freedom
12.) Hey Jealousy ( cover song)
13.) Dreaming
14.) Sky Princess
15.) In the Alley