Waiting For Richmond

Waiting For Richmond


We make up an Alternative / Rock band that pretty much puts the music first. our influences range from many different music styles...not just rock. Our goal with our music is that someway, it impacts and makes changes on your life even if its just the 3-4 minutes of the song.


All of the us are from Staten Island, NY. Dave, Justin, and Zach all attended Michael J. Petrides throughout their high school years and Jay Campbell attended Farrel. They met each other at Fenix Studios in DEEP Staten Island and begun jamming together until they noticed how great their chemistry was together to put together a band. At first it felt like it would be a very different style of music judging that the influences of Dave and Justin had a metal approach and Jay and Zach, a more EMO / Screamo approach. Everything worked out apparently and together formed to create the unique sound of Waiting For Richmond.


Waiting For Richmond [EP] - Due August 2007

Set List

1. Five Friends, Thats Ten Faces - 4:30
2. Scenes From Your Worst Movie - 4:00
3. Alice Austen Way - 3:45
4. Dongan Hills - 3:37
5. Addict - 3:50