Waiting For Tomorrow
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Waiting For Tomorrow

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The best kept secret in music


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It was a cold Michigan winter in 2003 when two cousins thought up the idea for a band. Ryan and Tony were bored with their high school lives, and wanted to throw something new into the mix.

From that first step they then went and found themselves a drummer and another guitarist. Shaun (drums) and Josh (Guitar) were now part of the band. Then they set out to find venues to start playing at. After their first practice they came up with the idea that it would be pretty cool to find a lead singer. Shaun brought up the fact that he had a long time friend that they thought would be up for the challenge. Shaun brought Andy to the guys, and the guys were down with him, they had all five elements in the band, but still missing a name. Then one night Ryan came up with one, WAITING FOR TOMORROW, The name says it all. It was a name people could relate too and also expressed how they felt about what they were doing. They were waiting for the day that all their dreams to come true. They were WAITING FOR TOMORROW.

After all the elements were in place and they had a name to be remembered by they started playing downriver hoping to grow a fan base. After a few months the boys hit a rut on their path, they lost two members, Josh left because of schedule problems with the band and Shaun left to go further with other plans in his life. After about a few months of not being in the public eye the boys found replacements for the two lost member, Fonzie on drums and Jeremy on guitar. From there they went on to play such venues as St. Andrews Hall, Clutch Cargos, I rock, and a few 89X shows at the Bullfrog Bar and Grill. They were on a roll.

Then as soon as they were on a roll, another problem hit. Ryan went on to join a side project which created scheduling problems with WFT. So Ryan parted ways knowing that it would only bring the band down. Once again they were in need of another member. After about a month of looking, they came across Mike, They picked him up in a heart beat and they had five elements again, And WFT was stronger then ever. And is still running strong.

The Band has recorded three different times, recording a three song demo (Spring 2003) a seven song EP (Summer 2004) and the full length CD “What’s in This Package is Better than Snack Cakes and Gangster Rap” (Fall 2005). Their stage show is one of the best in downriver with high energy and very crowd friendly antics. Along with their powerful lyrics in such songs like Parental Advisory and Requiem of a Broken Heart have crowds of all ages screaming at the top of their lungs and singing along with them. With these killer combos of deep powerful songs and high energy stage performance makes Waiting For Tomorrow one of the best bands in downriver to see live.