waiting to run

waiting to run


Waiting to Run is Josh and Sue Smith, a Christian acoustic duo from Milwaukee, WI. They are singer/songwriters with a heart for worship. They have led worship for youth and adults and are the current worship leaders for the children's ministry at Faith's Creation Christian Fellowship.


The name Waiting to Run comes from Isaiah 40:31.
“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Josh and Sue have been married for nearly 8 years and while raising three children they've come to learn that waiting on the Lord is the only way to make it through life. They view their music as a ministry and hope that it touches people and speaks life into their hearts.


My Cornerstone

Written By: Sue S mith

I've built this building brick by brick
and now it's tumbling down
crashing down all around me

I stand here searching through
the rubble for the pieces that were real and strong and true and I find You

My cornerstone
My refuge in my time of trouble
To you I run and I find the healing
I've been yearning for
My cornerstone
The foundation on which
I'll keep building
brick by brick and stone by stone
I turn to You and I know

I'm not alone

I may feel weary, weak, and worn
upon the wreckage I stand
renewed with strength
that I've found in You

Won't You stay

Written By: Sue Smith

You were surrounded as am I
the enemy's been spinnin' lies
but in the garden there
You chose to lay Your life down
so mine was spared

And in Your midnight hour
kneeling in the dark
the tears You shed,
the sweat You bled,
all for me and You said

Would I not stay with You
would I not pray with You
would I not stay one hour more
one moment more with You

This may not be Gethsemane
but there are nights that i can't see
a way out, and I'm shouting for You
only for You

Won't You stay with me
won't You lay with me
I place my head upon
Your chest and I know that
You'll never go

You may have walked Your road alone
But for me it isn't so
Because it was for me You died
Now You'll never leave my side
Cause You're alive

Set List

My Cornerstone
Won't you stay
Rhonda's song
I trust in you