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We are not just a band, we are a group of youth using any talents: Breakdance, dance, drama, spoken word, and yes, Music and vocals, to stop the spread of HIV. We educate anywhere and everywhere, having already performed in 25+ states,&more than a dozen countries. Our motto: HIV stops with me!


WAIT (Washington AIDS International Teens) is a performing arts group that educates youth about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and empowers youth to use their talents to make a difference in the world, revolutionizing the culture and modeling abstinence and faithful life partnership.In September of 2001, Dr. Chang Shik Yang founded the Washington AIDS International Foundation (WAIT) in Washington, D.C. This organization goes to schools, community centers, etc. teaching about the seriousness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through detailed power point presentations. In March 2002, Kate Tsubata joined as co-director, inspired to start a team composed of youth who are motivated to spread this message and model the abstinent lifestyle as the best way to stop the spread of HIV.
In June of 2002, WAIF met with a handful of Maryland youth ages 12 to 19 to create a powerful performance using the talents of each to produce acts composed of various forms of dance (breakdancing, hip-hop dance, and ballet), music, skits, and other performing arts all with inspiring messages conveying that each person can start a revolution to stop HIV... This was the beginning of the Washington AIDS International Teens (WAIT) team.
Since then, WAIT has reached more than 100,000 people through over 800 performances in the Washington , D.C. Metropolitan area and abroad. It has started teams in 10 other states (Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, Massachusetts, and California) and internationally - in the United Kingdom, Kenya, Trinidad and Grenada. It has also traveled to many additional US states, and countries such as Israel and Korea, giving performances and training WAIT educators.
WAIT is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization, thus it receives no government funding. It is funded solely by fundraising and grants. It is also a health education program.


Could It Be

Written By: Cathlene Bell

Could It Be
Written by Cathlene Bell

There's something I still don't understand
All I know is it has to be shared
Because the world can be made right
There can be peace
It doesn't have to be
A wistful dream
So far away
So out of reach.
But how do I share what I can't explain?
How can I heal this world of heartache and pain?
Or perhaps the better question is,
Am I just scared?

I have the power to change the world
The resurrection's right inside us
One voice can make the whole world start to sing
Could it be me?
Could it be?

Yes a change has gotta come from somewhere
But how do you challenge what's always been?
We're so stuck in our traditions
Of hate and betrayal
We are all lost
In our own lives
Lived for ourselves
For no one else.
Have we forgotten what it feels like to be free?
Have we been frozen over,
Too hopeless to dream of spring?
And what could little me do
To give us life again?


We've locked ourselves in the torture chamber,
We wield the axe to our own souls
Have we forgotten the revolution?
Our drums and trumpets sound no more.
But I am a revolution,
And starting now,
My trumpet's begun to sound.


I have the power to change the world
The resurrection's right inside of you
And one voice will make the whole world start to sing
It could be me
Oh, it will be me
It will be.


Could It Be
Hero(rewritten from superchick version)
Change The World(rewritten& recomposed from Eric Clapton Version)
Wait For Me
Guessing Game
Jack& Jill

Set List

Standard Performance:

Breakdance Act: Original hiphop Dance to High energy music

Jack & Jill Skit: "Edutaining" Silent movie drama of HIV science of inside the body, promotes positive choices

Wait For Me: Original Hiphop song, singing and rap to show that in order to value our lives, we have value ourselves and others, through abstinence and faithful partnership.

Audience Gameshow: HIV knowledge is tested and awarded in interactive gameshow with host.

Hero(Musical performance): song influencing a message that the choices each person can save lives of people they care about. HIV is 99% preventable by human choices. (genre: Acoustic Rock)

Rose is still a rose(Dance): Original dance. the theme is that realizing the value of ourselves and others, is how we can fully stop HIV, because through that, we can care and make the safest choices to stop the spread of HIV, and also care for those who are infected.

You Can't hurry love(dance) Motown song invovling the crowd to ge