Waka band’s is a musical universe of artists with various musical styles.The result of their joint work led to an album as rich and colorful blend harmoniously the traditional and classical orchestrations. "Tibio" is an original repertoire inspired by African urban sounds and open to the world.


Waka is an encounter between three artists from different countries and musical genres - a female voice: Awa Sissao (Burkina Faso): a singer / rapper: Fredy Massamba (Congo), and a traditional / modern singer, King Ayisoba (Ghana) which met residence during the residence of creation initiated by Umané Culture. Under the artistic direction of the famous Camel Zekri (musician, writer, composer and producer in Algeria), they have worked on an original repertoire inspired by African urban sounds and open to the world
"Tibio" is a successful and energetic album. The next songs of the following album of Waka will be available in mid october 2009.

Short Biography of any of the Band
King Ayisoba (Ghana)
Originally from Bolgatanga in the north of the West Region of Ghana, King Ayisoba was able to do so, through a steady determination and hard work, a place noted on the African music scene. It is considered as a master in the practice of an instrument commonly called in Ghana, 'Kologo', which is a form of traditional guitar of his country of origin. In 2007, King Ayisoba out his album "Modern Ghanaians" which caused a sensation in the Ghanaian music arena. This album has allowed the artist to reach the top of the highly coveted category of best song of the year at the Ghana Music Awards Festival 2007. King Ayisoba also won the award "discovery of the Year" and the "traditional song."

Awa Sissao (Burkina Faso)
New figure of modern music burkinabé, Sissao has a beautiful voice and an impressive stage presence. For two years, and his meeting with the group's flagship burkinabé Yeleen scene, the singer with the voice of gold released to music lovers his first album called “Destin” which have brought everyone to recognize his talent and its potential.
Fredy Massamba (Congo/Brazza)
Fredy Massamba was born in Brazzaville (Congo). He didn't take long before music became his tool as a true passion. For a while, he had been singing and dancing down the street or in some choirs.Then he turned into a genuine stage performer.Following several world tours with "Les tambours de Brazza", many collaborations with Zap mama, Didier Awadi, Manou Gallo and after he enjoyed some smashing encounters in USA with Bilal, Mos Def and the Roots. His music subtly blends soul,hip hop, funk and african chants.


Hawa Sissao: album "Destin"
King Ayisoba:album "Modern Ghanaian"
Fredy Massamba: album "Ethnopnony",coming soon
Wakat:album "Tibio" March 2009
Wakat:album "Tibio" coming at October 2009

Set List

5 sets of 30mn
-Mama Africa:5mn24s