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Wakah Chan

Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Jazz Soul




"Check Out Wakah Chan’s New Live EP"

Wakah Chan rubs the funk on a brand of Bluesified Jazz-Rock that has captivated Asbury audiences up and down the boardwalk for decades it seems. NO! Wakah Chan is not a troupe of Twilight-like vampires, an unaging collective of acidic-sax sporting gypsies, with super strength, and a taste for the life source of pork-pie hat wearing virgins. That being said, the not so free form four-piece does recall a time when the gin-swigging speakeasies of the underground were the preferred music venue of choice and, in fact, last thursday (September 29th) led the good patrons of The Saint into a time machine, transporting the congregation back to said musical era with a seductive five-song set that was masterfuly recorded by, who I am assuming is a fine gentlemen though we’ve never met, named Jack “Hinge” Pitzer. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Pop-Break Live Preview-Wakah Chan"

With a scene that is so heavily dominated by punk and indie rock, Wakah Chan’s “acid lounge jazz & avante-garde funk” is a refreshing find. Predominately landing in the category of jazz music, the group creatively incorporates elements of funk, blues, soul and worldly rhythms to resonate a feel-good, lighthearted mix of sounds. Wakah Chan’s music is reflective of their positive energy and sense of goodwill, and that is what took my interest in them to the next level.

The band states “our goal is to bring together a community-centered open-minded creative tribe of kindred spirits.” They frequently invite artists to their shows to create during their set, and hope to bring art to the forefront of their mission as musicians. Whenever these free spirited souls have the chance they’re giving back by playing at charity events and fundraisers. Now isn’t that what music should be all about?

Forming only about a year ago, the now four-piece ensemble had their debut live performance at The Saint in Asbury Park, N.J. They went on to play at The Starland Ballroom and The Brighton Bar, and were nominated as best Jam Band in the Asbury Music Awards last year. They are currently in pre-production of a debut studio album, and plan on spreading the good word through live performances and positive beats.

You can catch Wakah Chan live at Chico’s House of Jazz in Asbury Park Wednesday, August 3. The show is all ages and is free. It begins at 7:30 p.m. For more info and music, go to the band’s official page www.wakahchanmusic.com. - Pop-Break.com

"Wakah Chan- Alive At The Saint"

Wakah Chan – Alive At The Saint

This next Shoreworld band doesn’t follow trends or tie-dyed t-shirt directions. They don’t head down the wide and weary pathway of conformity and they sure as hell don’t listen to any record company big wigs when it comes to laying down their own unique sounds. Wakah Chan is a psychotropic free-form funk/acid lounge jazz ensemble whose roots in sophisticated improvisational jam are flavored with classic feel-good soul, tribal, Latin, dub, middle-eastern and R&B.

Wakah Chan is based in Asbury Park but they call the whole Tri-State area their playground, performing at festivals, clubs and just about any venue that craves their colorful sounds including fundraisers and benefits for charities such as Relay For Life, Strangers Helping Strangers and the Monmouth County SPCA. With a constant impetus to uplift and play to the crowd, Wakah Chan continue to hone their fun and quirky sound while creating an interactive and positive energy exchange on the music scene and dance floors everywhere.

The band’s latest recording is titled Alive At The Saint and as you may have guessed, it is a completely live recording captured at Asbury Parks Numero-Uno of music, The Saint. The recording is made up of 10 free-styled movements and encompasses everything from the dark and ominous “Dark Eyed Gypsy” to the mysterious and psychedelic vibe of “Wakah Scat.”

If you dig experimental music this is the band for you. Largely mislabeled a “jam” band, Wakah Chan seems more at home in the improvised jazz genre than anything else. They may sound jammy at times, but it’s well thought out compositional movement that takes them through their sound odyssey. Neatly engineered by Jack “The Hinge” Pitzer, the disc bounces with smoky soul and funk panache. Other interesting cuts are the upbeat, 1940s snap of “Alley Cat Jazz,” featuring the horn action of Andy Demos and Matthew Van Houten, two guys that know how to blow without stepping on the rest of the action.

The Eastern influenced “Spinning Sound” does just that, starting softly and utilizing chunks of dynamic space, the melody is passed from vocal to horn to beyond as they gear up. The fact that this was all recorded live and is something you forget once you begin listening, as it is truly that accurate and moving. Another cool tune was “Right Meow,” a laid back Lou Reed meets Jack Kerouac-styled jazz composition, stoked with minors and tasteful wah-wah guitar chops. The horn work of Van Houten and Demos is never aimless or unmelodic in theme and they do a great job of leading this cool band deep into their self-built maze.

While Wakah Chan might not be for everybody, they probably don’t care. With their large and loyal following that digs their laid back approach to music, they’re going to continue to do very well. Yet another instrumental band that shows if the compositional skill is there, success can never be too far behind. Wakah Chan will be performing at Jamfest on May 27 in Middletown, NJ. For further information go to wakahchanmusic.com.
- The Aquarian

"Fan quotes"

"If ya cant groove to that, you aint got no soul" - Mark Dammann


"ahhhhhh ya, the MIIIIghty WAAAA kAAHHh CHAAN
their Kung Fu is very strong, been choppin up Asbury!!"
-Kyle Brendle, The Stone Pony - Kyle Brendle, The Legendary Stone Pony

"Phanphest Entertainment"

"Killer!" - Drew Wajnert

"Wakah Chan!"

"I get it, and dig it. Sounds great, like the smell of sex, on a multi-sensual level. Ya gotta keep it FUNKY." - Cosmo Ohms

"Wakah Chan"

"A true masterpiece of mindblowing jam, these guys are heading somewhere that hasn't been visited in a long time. sure to be a name synonymous with legendary...WAKAH CHAN!" - Cosmic Elephant Radio

"Fan Quotes"

"Wakah Chan is hot, just hot, a totally new kind of psychedelic" - Rich

"Fan Quotes"

"If i had to sum up Wakah Chan into three words it would be "vibrantly channeled spirit" that hits notes of Freedom, Movement, and Joy seamlessly" - Caitlin McGrory


Released Spring of 2011
"Alive at The Saint"
Recorded live at The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ.
Engineer Jack "Hinge" Pitzer
Mastered by Wakah Chan

"The Art of Compromise"
To be released Jan. 28th 2012
5 song EP
Recorded at Skylab Studios by Dan Sky
Mastered at Asbury Media by Roger Quinn.

"Pass on Heaven" first single is currently being played on several internet and traditional stations, and are streaming on an array of sites.



Wakah Chan is a Jazz/Funk ensemble whose sophisticated sound is flavored with classic feel-good soul, tribal, latin, dub, middle-eastern and R&B. After a stage debut at The Saint about 2 years ago, Wakah Chan has gone through its share of changes. Starting out as a psychedelic instrumental improvisational funk band, it wasn't until recently that Wakah Chan truly found their sound. Subtracting guitar from the equation, and with the addition of longtime friend Chloe Demos on vocals, the recipe is complete.

Wakah Chan has garnered great attention in a short time, having performed at notable venues and events such as; The Saint, Sullivan Hall, The Stone Pony, Kenney's Castaways, Chico's House Of Jazz, Evolve Music & Yoga Festival, Maine Harvest Festival, Light Of Day 2012, Asbury Park Oysterfest and even received the honor of 2011 Asbury Music Award Top Jam/Groove Band as well as directly supporting national acts Galactic, Rebirth Brass Band, The Machine and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. In this new phase, they are poised for big things, and are very determined young cats that just want to make music and create high vibes. Wakah Chan aims at creating community and creativity, and is grateful that they are supported and loved by an amazing array of artists, poets and musicians.

There is nothing quite like Wakah Chan's music; soulful, moody and evocative, where each member shines and brings their totality to the table. They have won over the most diverse of crowds; from playing high end lounges, to dive bars. Young and old alike, they have never found a crowd that did not resonate with their sound. Wakah Chan is also proud to be an active part in giving back to the community by performing at fundraisers and benefits for charities such as Relay For Life, Strangers Helping Strangers and Monmouth County SPCA. With a constant impetus to uplift the crowd and hone their sound, W.C. is a fun and quirky group of musicians driven to make their mark on the music scene and dance floors everywhere.