Wakake and pamoja Band

Wakake and pamoja Band

 Nairobi, Nairobi Area, KEN

My music is a blend of afro pop, with elements of ethnic, pop and jazz music. The Due to the nature of the music, I do have a band that is comprised of jazz musicians, traditional instrumentalists and singers. There is a drummer, I play percussions, traditional lyre called Nyatiti, and two others


I started my music as a folk musician in 1996. I have since then developed and grown musically to the point where I have had the pleasure of playing with big names in music like Gerald Albright, Sadao Watanabe, Lionel Loueke, Eric Marienthal, Tshaka Mayanja, Chicago Blues Band, Inside Out from Swiss among others. On the local scene I have played and recorded with a lot of local artists giving their music that traditional touch, that world music feel that makes their music stand out. I am currently working on creating fun music with local pop artists and it's an ongoing process


VAWAMAYA - My 1st album recorded in the year 2000. Its purely folk music and was recorded while i was on tour in Japan. The team comprised three Kenyan and three Japanese musicians.

Hili Na Lile is my 2nd album and is a mix of pop, afro and jazz elements all put together. The album also features some of the country's best known musicians like Suzzana Owiyo an Wyre "the Love Child" among others.