Wake the Bear

Wake the Bear

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

...velvet sonic curtain, which uses '80s synth sounds, full orchestral backing and simple drum machine beats. Rapture features his most "soulful" songs yet, as his elastic voice (from a low-toned almost-whisper to his trademark sterling, natural falsetto) and luxurious melodies... (CityBeat)


A humble, dreamy lushness is crafted with acoustic guitars, keys, synths, layered voices and heart-swelling string sounds, all tied together by Cunningham's emotive, vivacious lead vocals, which have the kind of effortless elasticity that only truly great singers can pull off...lilting, falsetto melodies, acoustic lushness and an emotional vibe that'll send tingles up your goosebumps. Chilled-out Arcade Fire, Promenade, Bright Eyes on helium. (MikeBreen, CityBeat)

A year and a half after the debut release, Woe Is Meat, Wake the Bear released If We Survive This Rapture in June 2007. From aliens, chickens and surviving the 80s – to a dog, a god, and a good many drinks – Rapture wears its heart on its sleeve – without the cheese. Up-beat poppers. Low-key stoppers. Frailly held together with stuck-in-your-head glue.

• Best New Artist Nomination, 2006 CEAs
• Showcase Slot, MidPoint Music Festival 2008, 2006, 2005
• Supporting slots for VHS or BETA, Bob Mould, Andrew Bird, Adrian Belew

Experience with former project, Promenade
• Winner of Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Indie/Alternative Band
• Shared the stage with SUPERDRAG, TAHITI 80, NADA SURF, SPONGE, GIN BLOSSOMS and more
• Showcases in Canada’s celebrated NXNE & MidPoint Music Fest
• Music heard in MTV’s “Undressed” and independent film, Dream Catcher
• Part One: Album of the Year nomination, Cincinnati Entertainment Awards 2004
• Save the Radio: Album of the Year nomination, Cincinnati Entertainment Awards 2000
• Radio-favored “Nervous Wreck” was a year end TOP FIVE SELECTION with influential WOXY 97X station DJ

Under the influence of Happy Chichester, Flaming Lips, U2, Pixies, Ryan Adams, Stevie Wonder, Prince


The Myth

Written By: Scott W. Cunningham

Turns out I'm one of those who once believed the myth... It mattered what you chose, it mattered what you did. The good would get the house, a love that waits inside, a car to move the kids, another just to ride... Another year is through, the boy has disappeared. I should have made more moves in sheets and not careers. I should have touched her skin and breathed into her hair. She would have let me in. I should have just not cared.

Monuments of Mars

Written By: Scott W. Cunningham

I’m looking through the Monuments of Mars for answers.

If their pyramids are right in line with ours, I’m in.

Earth to someone else.

I’m looking to Orion Mystery for reason.

Funny to you the matter is to me what’s real.

You’d think with all we’ve read we’d be on to something.

If they come to me in the middle of the night, I don’t believe I’d bother with a fight.

She got her way with me – you’ve got that right.

Hovering earth in the middle of a field, covered in dirt she’s doing as she feels.

She got her way with me, it’s no big deal.

80s Babies

Written By: Scott W. Cunningham

Fold your wings.
Prince succeeds the King.
Gaudy clothes;
Music videos.

Tapes down in the basement
Soon will need replacement.
They're overplayed
And quickly wearing thin.
With forward getting faster,
If we survive this rapture,
A safer way to dance is all we need.
Take it from the 1970s...

Hold me now.
Change is all around you.

Tapes up in the attic,
Stacked and getting static.
A safer way to dance is on the way
For all you 80s Babies born too late...

Love Is Not In Love

Written By: Scott W. Cunningham

Late at night they go down to the city;
Not for love, not cocaine.
Gin and lights sure can make them look pretty;
But it's not the same as beautiful.

Couldn't bleed. Could have lied. Could have used so much I could die.
Gotten high; got you off.
Pleasuring was so close you could touch it;
But it's not the same as feeling up.

Wanted one, there is no one above you;
Not a lust, not cocaine.
You should know just as sure that they love you;
But it's not the same as being in love.

Love is not the same at all as being in love.

Love is not in love...


Written By: Scott W. Cunningham

Cut close; broke nose.
Hard hit; tough shit.
Don't let them keep you down, boy.
Don't let them keep you down...

Fight like you fought them all your life;
Against the ropes, under the knife.
You're a survivor.
Don't let them deep under your skin.
It's just one more round to win.
You're a fighter.

Prize fight: your life.

I Think I'm Ready for This

Written By: Scott W. Cunningham

I think I’m ready for this.
Pick up a razor, shave my face again.
Go all the places that I’ve never been.
Do all the things that I’ve missed.

I think I’m ready for right.
Pick up the pieces, play this game again.
Spend all the cash I can’t afford to spend
On some stranger I’ll meet tonight.

I think I’m ready for this
To show up unannounced at my door.
We’ll drink red wine til we hit the floor.
Do thinks I never could do.

I think I’m ready for you.
Studied the books, I know the looks I’ve read.
Cleaned up the house, the car, and made my bed.
Checked off to-dos on my list.

I think I’m ready for this
To show up unannounced at my door.
We’ll both refrain til we can’t no more.
This thing can’t come soon enough…

I think I’m ready for love.
Bring on the pink hearts and the pretty lace.
Bring on the angels with the models’ face.
Bring all the life to my lips.

I think I’m ready for this
To show up unannounced at my door.
To throw me down, make my body sore.
This thing can’t come soon enough.

I think I’m ready for love.

Now There Is No Mystery

Written By: Scott W. Cunningham

In nineteen hundred eighty four
when you were just a girl,
I called you on the telephone
to visualize your world:

pink and preppy camisole,
wooden panel on the wall,
swear to god I saw it all
and never saw a thing.

Summertime in eighty-nine,
I passed the time and thought
I’d tear you from the pages of
the latest catalog.

Reading words upon your lips,
hold the curve along your hips;
god, did I feel so alive
and never touched a thing.

Now there is no mystery.
Everything is there to see.
Now there is no mystery.

Today the things we share and see
don’t have the same effect on me…

Tangled in your head of hair,
innocent and unaware.
Swore to god I’d get you,
you were never even there.


Plans (2015)

Lullaby (Mo, I need a cold one) (2014)

I Think I'm Ready for This (2013)

Player Piano (2009)

If We Survive This Rapture (2007)

Woe Is Meat (2005)

Set List

30-90 minutes of original material - vocals/acoustic guitar/keys/beats/samples...

80s Babies
Back of the Train Seat
Checker Charley
Future Age
Ghost Shirt
Holy Moses
Honey Grubbing Me
Ilium Works
In Bars
I Will Resurrect You
Just As Sweet As When Your Heart Was Beating
Love Is Not In Love
Montana (Ghosts)
I Hear You
Monuments of Mars
Our Romantic Apocalypse
The Myth
They Don't Make Them Like They Used To
You'll Be Sorry Then