Wake to Wonder

Wake to Wonder

 Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, ZAF

Wake to Wonder hail from South Africa.Their innovative tunes, mixing melodic vocals with powerhouse drums, in-your-face guitar leads and melodies and dynamic bass riffs have put them on the map locally, also generating a steadily-growing footprint for the band internationally.


Wake to Wonder hail from the Vaal Triangle in Gauteng, South Africa, and have been stirring up a storm since they were established in August 2007. Their innovative tunes, mixing melodic vocals with powerhouse drums, in-your-face guitar leads and melodies and dynamic bass riffs have put them on the map in the South African music scene as well as generated a steadily-growing international footprint for the band internationally.
The band's strong repertoire and dynamic stage performances have gained them rapidly growing acceptance, and they have featured in numerous television appearances on MNET, MK, Eastern Mosiac, TGL, MX-Life (Broadcast to 190 countries) and other stations. Several radio stations, including Radio Highveld, 5FM and various campus radio stations have featured interviews with the band. The Band has had alot of radio play for singels like "The Silence (2011)", "Cold (2009)", "With You (2011)" and "The Need (2010)" on National stations like Highveld 94.7 and University stations across the country. The band's "Mr Potato Man" shot to number 1 position on the Radio Highveld Homebrew charts and featured in the top 10 for 16 weeks, and the band's second release, "Discord in Harmony" shot straight into the top 10 in the Homebrew charts at number 3. "Mr Potato Man" entered Ryan Seacrest's Top 8 at 8 charts in third position as well.

The print and electronic media have also taken notice. Wake to Wonder have featured in articles in the Citizen, People Magazine, LT Magazine, LW Magazine, The Riff, Mahala, SA Music News, ADAC monthly magazine (Germany), Hot Venues Magazine and others. Internationally the band featured in a well-received and extensive article on motocrossplanet.com, Europe's biggest English language online publication dedicated to the exciting adrenaline sport of motocross racing.
The band have played in virtually every major festival in South Africa, including Woodstock, Thornfest "the camp", Seasons Wither, Aardklop, Jo'Burg Burning and many more. They have performed alongside some of SA's top bands as well as international acts such as the platinum-selling American band The Ataris (made famous by their song "Boys of the summer"), hardcore Dutch legends No Turning Back, Ska punk outfit Red 5 Pointed Star from Slovenia, UK metal band Seven year Kismet as well as Platinum selling pop rock outfit from Ireland ‘Ash’ .
Wake to Wonder embarked on a two month national tour during February 2010 to promote their album SALUBRIOUS. This included dates in Pinetown, Durban, East London, Cape Town, Potchefstroom, Secunda, Welkom, Bloemfontein as well as their home town Vanderbijlpark. The tour was a great success and promoted the band to a higher level of consciousness amongst their fans, and gaining many new converts.
The band set their eyes to Europe in 2011 and after a extencive marketing campaign and planning the band was on their way, setting out to Europe on a 3 week tour in July 2011. Wake to Wonder played at the Latvian Grand Prix, Faces Festival in Finland, numerous performances in Estonia as well as at the ADAC masters in Germany where the band have been asked to write the theme music for the 2012 series

The band in 2012 set out to write the Theme song for the ADAC masters and ended up with the song "Descarify". ADAC being one of the largest automotive companies in the world has more than 18 Million members and we are proud to announce the "Descarify" has been chosen as the Official ADAC Masters theme song for 2012. The band will also be returning to europe later this year for another tour.


Album - SALUBRIOUS (Jan 2010)
Album - Descarify (2012)

"Descarify" - Theme song for the European ADAC masters
"The silence" - Rotation on South African music television
"Cold" - Rotation on South African music television

Mr Potato Man (is a ladies man)
Discord in Harmony

Set List

We have 8 - 15 track set list depending on the slot time. Typical 45min to 60min set set

Normal Set list.
Brace the broken
The Need
With you
Mr Potato Man
The silence
Conquer the Horizon
Caught in the contradiction
Misery loves Company
No reply