Wakeup Call

Wakeup Call

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Are you wondering where the you left your Rock and Roll? You found it right where you left it back when music stirred your soul, when you couldn't wait to replay that song again and again.
Ladies and gentlemens, "THIS... IS... YOUR...WAKEUP CALL!!"


Wakeup Call brings 4 very talented and experienced musicians together for a party. Each member brings a unique set of skills and musical influences to meld a tight union of Hard Rock and Roll. Based around "the song," WC writes catchy guitar riffs from Tom Carpenter with tuneful lyrics sung by the seasoned pipes of Dan Aranda, all driven by the thump and jump of the tighest rhythm section in the Midwest of Rich Leib and Chris Spizirri on Bass and Drums respectively. They like to show off their versatility with a few slower, more passionate tunes that highlights their ability to put on a well-paced but energized live show.
Sounds like caffeinated rock with a laced with cream from the world market.


"12 Cold Ones", Pulltab Records, 1998

"Hall of Shame" , Pulltab Records, 2002

"Alcoholy" , Pulltab Records, 2004