Waking Matthew

Waking Matthew


Do you want passion? Do you want energy? Do you want music to mean something again? If your tired of the typical club band, Waking Matthew is the answer. Your Life Interrupted.... Nothing Less....


Waking Matthew is an energetic four piece that fine tuned their talents and made a name for themselves in the ultra competitive Pittsburgh club scene.
Their compilation of strong melodies and powerful hooks is supported by rock solid drums and bass. With a passionate approach to song writing and
a live show that ignites audiences, every Waking Matthew performance is well worth the price of admission. In the studio the bands attention to detail shines. Their second album, Auto Pilot On, is a complex exploration
of the mind, body, and soul. Waking Matthew delivers the goods and always leaves us wanting more.


Negative Spaces (2002)
Auto Pilot On (2003)

"Bad Things (Negative Spaces) and "Hold On" have recieved local radio play. All tracks can be streamed from our website (wakingmatthew.com)

Set List

1. Tangled 2. Passer By 3.Can't let Go 4. Waste Away 5. Fell In 6. I'd Rather 7. Blue Skies 8. Fake 9.Self Destructing 10. Teach Me A Trick

I hour