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The best kept secret in music


"Walcott "Swallow The Ghost""

The Augusta transplants in Walcott are, first and foremost, here to rock and they aren't about to shuck and jive anyone as to their intentions. Featuring Philip Tapley (percussion), Ryan Stone (bass), Brandon Scarboro (drums), Hunter Morris (vocals, keyboards) and Mike Stokes (vocals, guitar), the original incarnation of Walcott formed in Augusta in early 2005. Bassist Stone entered the frey about six months back, around the time the analog-friendly five-peace began its residency in Athens.
"I think we definitely lean towards an honest approach to music. I mean, we don't go in and record 28 guitar tracks or anything," says Morris. "Our lyrics are about real emotions in life, not about pretty girls that we kissed on the beach. And we don't dress in matching outfits or practice our stage antics in the mirror. I guess it make sense that we take the honest approach."
The members of Walcott released their first EP after only playing together for about three months. Though the four-song release definitely showed the guys had some chops, it lacked a clear direction---opting for extended solos and sudden, uneasy shifts in tempo. Their latest release is new EP "Swallow The Ghost", recorded with Billy Bennett and David Barbe. It provides a tighter, much more realized version of the band. Buffered by gnarly lead-guitar riffs, thumping percussion and heavy organ runs, the guys strike a nice balance between the '70s Capricorn sound of bands like Sea Level and more recent vinyl-inspired acolytes like Blind Melon.
"I think the new EP has way more direction," says Morris. "We recorded the first one when we had been playing together for just three months, so it's kind of all over the place. We have a much better idea of what we, as a band, sound like now. 'Swallow the Ghost' is more mature and more emotional. Plus, it rocks a lot harder!"
[Michael Andrews] - Flagpole


The Blind Elephant EP - 2005 (Self-Released)
Swallow The Ghost EP - 2006 (Self-Released)
Demo EP of tracks that will be on next album - 2007
Working on upcoming full length (Fall '07)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rock & Roll and Poetry are long departed siblings. Melody is the vehicle that carries them home to kick the shit out of whoever made them leave in the first place. Walcott thinks it's really funny to just gather round and watch the beating.