Walden (pond)

Walden (pond)

 Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Walden (pond) is a hard-hitting, attention-grabbing, psychedelic powerhouse. With an unstoppable sound and an unquenchable hunger for success through art, this three-piece is sure to continue to both astonish and entertain audiences.


Blasting Psychedelic melodies with inspired exuberance, Walden (pond) is not your average modern Rock band.
Founded in early 2009 by Nolan Potter (guitar, vocals) and Danny Gilmore (drums), the band played a few shows as a two-piece and went through some personnel changes on bass, before happily welcoming Matt Carey (bass) to the band.
Since September 2009, when they debuted as a three-piece for the first time at Mulligan's Pub in Grand Rapids, Walden (pond) has been an unstoppable show-playing machine, playing wherever their sound is wanted.
In July of 2010, Walden (pond) released their debut LP Like a Jackknife Gleaming, hosting fan-favorite songs like Numbers War and I Get Back, as well as the album's title track.
The album also features some of the band's more explosively psychedelic dream-scapes, glowing with strange tones and timbres.
Also that month, Walden (pond) was the main support for Minus The Bear at The Intersection in Grand Rapids and was featured in both Recoil and Revue (see links).
In September of 2010, Walden (pond) played at the inaugural run of the Prospecto Musical Showcase, a truly art-inspiring gathering, opening for The Presidents of the United States of America. That same month, Walden (pond) also headlined at Mulligan's Pub in Grand Rapids, on the night of Eastown Street Fair, an event that caters to thousands every year.
Another art-furthering opportunity came for Walden (pond) in October of 2010, when they played at an Artprize stage in front of the Grand River in Grand Rapids, the skyline towering behind them.
Walden (pond) continues to play often locally, namely at The Intersection, Mulligan's Pub, Billy's Lounge, Founders and The DAAC. Also, they are working on their new EP at Stone House Recording Studio, with sound-wiz Pete Fox.
Recently, Walden (pond) has been writing music for their upcoming recording sessions with said wizard, Pete Fox, for an EP, hopefully released towards the end of 2011.
Their eyes rest firmly on a hope for the future in which they can tour, playing psychedelic music laced with fuzz for the masses as well as having the freedom to create music that is sonically worth-while and imbued with deeper emotion and meaning.


Planet Dismantler EP (2009)
Like a Jackknife Gleaming LP (2010)