For Alternative Rock with a punch Waldosezno brings the full package. As a 5 piece powerhouse band our mix of creative style and mind bending distortion will leave you wanting more each and every time you listen.


It was the year 2000 in the city of Brantford, Ontario, Canada when a magical story began. The dreams and ambitions of two high school students brought three together, forming the foundation of Waldosezno. Practicing in the drummer’s basement, instruments were juggled and songs of splendor became hopes and ambitions for the long road ahead. When three became not enough a search created a fourth who picked up a bass guitar and joined the band out of the love for music in 2003. Still without a vocalist Waldosezno wrote complex songs with extravagant arrangements to make up for the missing vocals but also pushed the four to find a fifth. During an open jam at a local bar, a fifth was discovered who was losing hope of himself finding a band worthy of creating music. Once attending a practice, the fifth now understood his fate and joined the ranks in 2004, completing the powerhouse band now known as Waldosezno. Months passed and battles were raged, unfortunately to have one casualty. The summer of 2005 brought a darkness to the band when our founding drummer for personal reasons left the band, causing distraught and horror among the remaining band mates. But would this stop the band? Never. Over thirty or so auditions Waldosezno still could not regain the original sound that filled them with the passion and the desire that once made them whole. Until now. The original drummer now reformed has returned and so starts the next chapter of Waldosezno.


Currently working to complete Waldosezno self titled debut. Additional tracks on offical website.

Set List

We currently play approx 3hr bar set or just over an hour of original material. Songs currently on the roster:

Tear Filled Eyes
Consider This
Who I Am
Stained Glass
Fake It
My Friend

Weezer - Say It Ain't So, Hash Pipe
Green Day - She, When I Come Around
Nirvana - Lithium, Teen Spirit
Red Hot Chillipeppers - Otherside, Californication
The Foo Fighters - Everlong
Incubus - Warning
Marylin Manson - Sweet Dreams
Bob Dylan (Waldosezno edit) - House of the Rising Sun, Knocking on Heaven's Door
Neil Young - Keep On Rocking in the Free World