WALKABOUT has an alternative/modern rock, “radio-friendly” sound. We like to compare our style to Green Day, but with the raw emotional style of Dashboard Confessionals.


In Australian aboriginal cultures, a "walkabout" is a ritual in which a young man goes on a journey through the wilderness, as an interruption of regular work, in an attempt to learn more about his own character and strength. This band was formed with that same philosophy, to escape the daily grind and find and develop our creative side.

Find out more about Walkabout at www.projectwalkabout.com


Waiting For James, Released January 2005
Available at CDBaby.com

New Car Smell, Released July 2006
Available at CDBaby.com

Set List

A typical set is 45 minutes with approx. 10 original WALKABOUT songs. But trust me, we can play longer if necessary.