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Walker brothers


Musicians and Brothers serving the Lord through music, with inspired lyrics and instumental content we hope is as fun to listen to as it is for us to play.

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Let the Son Shine

Written By: Matthew & Samuel Walker

After the flood, He gave a promise with a warning,
We should not stray from Him who made our very being;
Deeper and deeper his waters flowed
And higher and higher was the price that was owed.
Then the Father in heaven gave His One and only Son,
Like the time of Abraham when sacrifice was done.
From Moses to prophets His life is told,
And in the end all His life will be on show to behold.

Let the sun shine through Your rainbow,
The colours are so many where Your presence flows;
Tis’ a promise that all the world shall remember,
That the Lord brought His Son down to earth as a saviour.

Red, yellow, blue, pink, orange and green,
All the colours together form a fuzzy dream,
Of such glorious wondrous never-ending tail
How God’s hand will cover us, it’ll never fail;
There is no more world flooding of any sort,
Not even a world tsunami could ever distort,
The wonderful relationship God has for us all,
Nothing can come between a promise and His mighty call.

When the sun rises and mist fades away,
The brightness made marks a brand new day;
As the heat of the sun melts away the dew,
The Father takes all sin and makes our spirits renewed.

The story of Noah, the story of Jesus,
All humanity on earth will rejoice when they hear us,
The Lord our God is coming back in the clouds,
To fulfil the Holy Scriptures He spoke to the crowds;
Be here to hear us come lend your ears,
For when all people see him they’ll be happy with tears,
Come and rejoice with us in this longsome song,
Shout with your voice cause’ Jesus is coming along!

©Copyright 2009

Pleasant Words

Written By: Matthew and Samuel Walker

(Verse 1)
Now I’m here to talk about what I know,
That talkin’ real heavy isn’t the way to go;
I want to tell everybody words of insight,
Not to swear or curse, cause it just isn’t right.
Everywhere I go, and everything I hear,
Most of it is painful noise to the ear;
So lighten up your speech and make it fine,
By using kind lovin’ words to take up the time;

The world is full of nasty words,
But we can change it if we teach our tongues;
To sing up in heaven like the birds,
For the Father rejoices in happy songs.
If there’s nothing worth saying, don’t say it at all,
We want to lift people up, not make them fall.
So in all of our voices let’s praise the Lord,
Cause’ He gives us pleasant words in one accord.

(Verse 2)
But listen to me and to what I speak,
This language is so minor it fits up on a peak;
And when people see it, few get to the top,
Cause they join with the majority, the lazy lot;
Some just say I talk like that; it’s the way I was born,
But in reality it hurts within the spirit that’s torn;
So be mindful what you say, in every situation,
When talking weird all around is the newest sensation.

(Verse 3)
So instead of beep beep, give your heart the leap,
Be remembered by the words that you told so deep;
Be the person to encourage, filled with courage,
Cause’ the words said all over are sloppy like porridge;
Show the people how to laugh, not at words that are rough,
But to cool down and chuckle, when times get tough;
Make the world a nicer place, pick up the pace,
To speak kinder words to everyone face to face.

©Copyright 2009