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Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Soul




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SwagBoys (2005) TooDeep (2007) WoeClik Comp. (2009) Mind of a Beast (2009) Return of WoeClik (2011) Stoners Class (2011) My December Heart (John Lining debut 2012) The Experiment: pick your poison (IamJason debut 2013) NowhereButhere (Ck debut 2013) Won Battle of the Bands (2013) Natural Hair Magazine (2013) John Lining ep (2014)



Winners of the 2013 battle of the bands ..... beating 6 rock groups http://www.gorillamusic.com/ .....walking art tour has been featured ....on different magazines,blogs,newspapers..... between each group member .... walking art tour has been performing ... for over 5 years ..... Group members include ... johnlining,iamjason,clarkiamnot ....... what sets walking art tour apart from other rap groups ....
we incorporate all genre of music.... rock, pop, dub, edm, house, party, indie, mainstream, neosoul, world, triphop, the list goes on an on .....walking art tour is not bounded by the word ..... genre.... cant be labeled or put in a box .....as well as our fashion sense .....and outrageous outfits .... Walking Art Tour is based in Dallas,Texas , walking art tour has been interviewed and featured by magazines, newspapers, and blogs Notables include honey be natural, Brookhaven College newspaper,35 denton blog ..... and others ...

In 2010 WalkingArtTour started off as a dallas group called WoeClik which consisted of various artists, they quickly put together hits like wetter, ballin, orange flame, and light it up it was a crazy mixture of talent. Soon WalkingArtTour members John Lining, IamJason, and Ck would release a Compilation which combined all different genres like rock,indie,r&b;, and hiphop it would be hard to ignore. John was the first to drop in December of 2012 with a tape titled My December Heart that put the rap game into a leglock with that WalkingArtTour was off next up ...... was IamJason dropping his during mid summer 2013 with a tape titled The Experiment ....pick your poison and it had the web going crazy ...... then to complete the trifecta Ck dropped the last of them with his debut mixtape titled Nowherebuthere .....cleansing the game of fake music.....WalkingArtTour has more in the works .....

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