Walking Out Blind

Walking Out Blind


Walking Out Blind is a ministry led, fueled, and inspired by God. With more than a hundred shows under their belts, they have a stage presents and sound that is unmatched.


Walking Out Blind uses their faith combined with hard rock music as a means to tear down stereotypical barriers and redefine the meaning of authenticity in the traditional church. Walking Out Blinds intense stage presence demands attention from start to finish. And with catchy rhythms that drive the listening audience to move, dominating guitar lines that fixate the hearers ear, and lyrics that magnify a need for a servants heart, Walking Out Blind shows no sacrifice in the transition from studio sound to live performance. Walking Out Blind has had the privilege of sharing the stage with regional and nationally touring bands, such as Becoming The Archetype, Once Nothing, Flatfoot 56, Spoken, This Beautiful Republic, Falling up, Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Mainstay, Trick Pony, Lone Star, and many others. At the demand of their ever-growing fan base Walking Out Blind is in the process of releasing their debut EP Suitcase for the Apocalypse.


Suitcase for the Apocalypse- EP

One Song- Single

Set List

Our typical set list will last 35 minutes. Depending on whether we are opening or headlining will we play longer or shorter.