Walking Sleep

Walking Sleep

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Modern indie with classic influences and feel. Full time male and female vocals. Melancholy lyrics, charming live shows, intricate nostalgic instrumentation with the full dynamics of a large band.


Walking Sleep originally formed in 2007 under the name The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra. The six-piece band came together as the natural extension of lead singer Hunter Curra's exploratory songwriting, in which he combined male and female vocal harmonies, classic rhythms, and curiously dark lyrics. Drawing influence across genres and decades, their songs include echoes of the melancholy psychedelic pop of The Zombies, the uptempo stomp of classic Motown, and the moody melodicism of Fleetwood Mac, but placed in a modern context, akin to bands like Belle & Sebastian and The Shins.

In 2008, the band released its debut EP, Escapements, and continued to develop its live performances in front of increasingly larger crowds. The following year, Sara Radle (former vocalist of The Rentals) joined the band to complement Hunter's singing and further highlight the enchanting harmonies that define the sound of Walking Sleep.

The band recently unveiled it's first full length release, Measures, in May 2010. Recorded at the Ship Studio in Eagle Rock, CA with Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart behind the boards, Measures features 10 tracks showcasing the scope and breadth of Walking Sleep's unique sound. From the fast-and-tight garage-rock of 'Final Chapter' to the expansive strings (played by members of The Section Quartet amongst others) and Lee-and-Nancy vocals of 'Let It Go On', the songs offer a variety of textures and hooks while maintaining a strong sense of identity and purpose. In conjunction with the release of Measures in May, the band plans to tour in support of the record.


2008 - 'Escapements' 5 song EP;
2010 - 'Measures' LP (May release);

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