Walking Spanish

Walking Spanish

 Fair Oaks, California, USA
BandAmericanaAdult Contemporary

Original indie-rock/americana with deep vintage vibes and a captivating, modern edge.


Walking Spanish is an original rock/americana band with deep vintage vibes and a captivating modern edge. The band brings a lush and layered sound, combining heart pumping rock and roll and soulful americana with an enduring grace that uplifts and revives the spirit.

Walking Spanish is currently in the studio working on their third album which is due to be released in April/May 2014, with a tour to follow.

Walking Spanish was awarded The Sacramento Area Sammie Award for Best Rock Band three times in 2010, 2012 and 2013.

In 2012, Walking Spanish performed live at the Apple Store in Union Square as part of an iTunes promotion for their latest album, "Wishbones".

Walking Spanish and tracks from "Wishbones" (2011), have been heard on several radio stations, including;

KFOG 104.5 FM (SF Bay Area), KXJZ   90.9 FM (Sacramento, CA), KXRQ  98.5 FM (Sacramento, CA), WCDB  90.9 FM  (Albany, NY), KDVS   90.3 FM  (UC Davis, CA), KVMR  89.5 FM  (Nevada City, CA), KZFR   90.1 FM  (Chico, CA)

The band has been published in Submerge Magazine, O.C. Weekly, The Sacramento Bee, Your Music Magazine, Sacramento Magazine, Relix Magazine,  and more. 

Alexander Nelson and Walking Spanish have shared the stage with artists such as Phil Lesh and Friends,  Jackie Greene, Richard Thompson, Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, Malo, Blame Sally, Willie Porter, John Cruz, Country Joe McDonald, and more.


"They're fresh outta Sacramento""...a sound that's a little tough to pigeon-hole. It's at once familiar, yet it's loaded with fresh spin. Their name comes from a Tom Waits tune, there are moments that sound like they could be from the South, others where it could be 30 ago, and San Francisco, and yet still others when you'll feel like there's a completely different alt-rock club thing happening. We've been keeping an eye on them for most of the past year, and we're pretty stoked to be part of their first California tour."
-Fingerprints Music Newsletter # 1222, Long Beach, CA, July 2012

Nelsons almost-British Isles romantic sensibility aligns with Americana instrumentation. Mix in his keening, Western United States savored articulation, and the bands ability to give dramatic surge, this music raises the bar in Sacramento.
- Beatnik Studios & Swell Productions, Sacramento365, July 2012


"...Searing high energy indie rock, fronted by virtuosic Alex Nelson... "Wishbones" is the kind of album that you can listen to from start to finish, on repeat, and I've been doing just that. The songs are fully developed. The solos and interludes are searing but restrained, integral to the songs. It's all about the songs on this record." -Lindol French, Sacramento Press, March 2011 
"Walking Spanish will fall nothing short of full speed ahead. This mixed genre of fresh talent, sound, attitude will surprise and please your music palette. Regardless of how far you've walked and danced barefoot through the halls of time. They're that good." -Pamela Youngs, Steel-ties.com band review, March 2011
"..Walking Spanish have a poetic jam-band, classic-rock vibe with some orchestral pops- It's a lush and layered sound thanks to band members with backgrounds from every genre"
- Erin Dewitt, O.C. Weekly, July 2012
"Wishbones is a versatile blend of well structured songs combining country, rock and roll and pop littered with subtly haunting and poetic verse."
-Jenn Walker, Submerge Magazine, April 2011

"Walking Spanish vocalist Alex Nelson has a rock and roll swagger reminiscent of Julian Casablanca."
-Stephanie Rodriguez, Sacramento News Interview, March 2011

"Some musicians are so good it makes me mad, case in point; Alex Nelson." Autumn Sky, Midtown Monthly Magazine, April 2009

"Their songs pay homage to great artists of the past while moving forward in a genre- mixing, fist-pumping affair that brings audiences of all ages to their feet."
-Andy Laughlin, "Spotlight; Walking Spanish", El Dorado Village Life Newspaper


Sarah Marie

Written By: Alexander Nelson

Oh Miss Sarah Marie
you're so much like me
you bury your shoes
in the street when you move
and you look both ways
when you cross your heart

like you're hoping to die
but both you and I
know the places we go
when we're desperate and low
are like bright yellow birds
on a green sea of dreams

Oh Miss Sarah Marie
like the serpent in me
the way she poisons my blood
I forget what i've done
now i stand my ground
with glory and with shame

So you've measured me out?
why don't you say it our loud,
drop my tail from your hand
and let me be like i am:
simply unclean and lost
like a stray on the run?

Do you live with
good intentions?
mild depression?
kill the lights
i'll teach you to see in the dark!

If never saying never
was something better
(some things never change)
things would never be the same

If everybody's secrets
were screamed out loud
(screamed into the crowd)
all our fear would be gone

You know your days are numbered,
better start to count!

What If You Knew My Name?

Written By: Alexander Nelson

There's no time anymore
I'm always sleeping
on the floor, it's dawn
im gone, you're wrong,
so long. so long, i'm gone so long.
i don't feel like it,
I don't feel like waking up.

Now I don't belong here anymore.
Now, I'm a stranger.
I'm a whore
my friend, again,
we bend, you mend
the end, the end, the end
What if you knew my...
what if you knew my name?

who said there ain't no time?
just one white line
ain't no time till this song will hurt you
you've set me up to fall
I just can't win them all
ain't no time till these words will break you

There's a stormy night ahead
I feel it coming;
I'll find you dead inside
you'll hide, ill cry,
I don't know why, I don't know why
Please don't run from me,
Please don't run i need you here!

Who said you're so far above
you cant feel my love
not one man can make it on his own
If my letters break you free,
would you come running back to me?
Will the answer come when i am all alone?

Save your life!
listen when it's right
truth be known when all you hear is lies!
Something calls to me
Is it the man i wish to be?
A man who's lonely days have past him by?
A man who's lonely days have past him by?

Jacksin (is long gone)

Written By: Alexander Nelson

I know a place where nobody goes
its miles from the highway and any dirt roads
you can spend your life searching for what nobody knows
you'll be long gone
long gone from here

Jacksin climbed in through the suicide doors
he'd polished his boots that he'd kept from the war
His .45 told him "don't you take anymore"
he's long gone
Long gone from here

Out on the road with his gun at his side
got a bottle of whiskey along for the ride
She's gonna pay dear for the nights that he cried
she'll be long gone
long gone from here

Jacksin pulled up to her house in the hills
He loaded his pistol but he shook from the thrill
his conscience was screaming so he waited until
It was long gone
Long gone from here

He burst through the door and he ran up the stairs
there she was naked by a man in a chair
Jacksin shot him dead and grabbed her by her hair
oh, she'll be Long gone
long gone from here

Jacksin took aim at the trembling young liar
his pistol locked up, so he strung her with wire
he left her tied up and set the carpet on fire
Oh she's long gone
Long gone from here

Jacksin drove fast across the desert that night
he ached in his bones when the dark turned to light
but he knew in his heart that he'd set things to right
Cause he's long gone
Long gone...
long gone..
long gone from here.

Sweet Cherry Lane

Written By: Alexander Nelson

The road was quiet from the fog that night
I slept and you drove
We started spinning and I felt your hands
upon my throat

We fell into the sea and held on tight
we filled our lungs
I looked at you and at your eyes so blue
and your lips so young!

I watched the mountaintop crumble
as your heart forgot my name
and our laughter shook the ground.
Oh sweet Cherry Lane!
Oh sweet Cherry Lane!

Tattooed symbols of your broken heart
and a sweet melody
The picture frames are being emptied now
what a cheap memory

Take what your gamble has brought you:
All the time you've spent away
and so the sea will take you home
Oh sweet Cherry Lane!
Oh sweet Cherry Lane!

Outside the window is a silent land
forever day
i'll keep you down without my own two hands
and there you'll stay

The streets are guarded by a rifle sound
bullets and need
the colors light like dirty gasoline
but honor burns clean

The widow's walk has been covered
with the snow and pouring rain
and all the stars light below
Oh sweet Cherry Lane!
Oh sweet Cherry Lane!

Amor Vincit Omnia

Written By: Alexander Nelson

Beauty has its place among the
purple tides and the lover's songs
but nothing shines where the music ends
and my heart don't stop till the song begins

There's lonely fathers of the mother's sons
their feet are tired, but away they run
a circumstance you can't refuse
if circumstance is what you choose.

we'll cruise the sky and stop the earth
and take a picture of a thousand words,
the colors bleed each time it rains,
and every picture looks the same..
to me.

C: will somebody hold me
through a song someday?
'amor vincit omnia', they say
My love whispers all my words away
Sha lala, that's ok.

we'll cruise the sky and stop the earth
and sell ourselves for a dollar's worth
we purchase sleep and dream for free
but every single dreams the same,
to me

rock and roll has tamed my soul
and left me smiling at the gallows pole.
my world is bending into the folds,
and the sound is getting louder and louder...

(repeat chorus.)

Counterfeit Wishbones

Written By: Alexander Nelson

I can dream of anything
I want to I want to
I want to, and anything I don't
Won't you walk with me?
Share this street with me?

The signs were passing
passing through my head
make no mistake
the signs were read

counterfeit wishbones led me here
counterfeit wishbones led me here...

Distorted grace
The rain explains it all
your crooked heart
is carved into that wall

wishbones will leave you with nothing at all
wishbones will leave you with nothing at all

I'm growing weak!
It's hard to speak my mind
Oh starving, leaden-eyed
I can't look past the night

The sky turns black when I go blind
The sky turns black when I go blind
I wish these wishbones were hard to find
I wish these wishbones were hard to find

A Soldier's Lullaby

Written By: Alexander Nelson

So long my friend
our luck has changed again
it looks like that train is rolling

we've grown so tired
of this fancy little town
let's follow that wind that's blowing

so long my darling
you don't need to cry
or wonder what's happened to me

I'll surely be around
when the sunset meets the ground
sing me in your prayers wishful and softly

It's strange like willows that dip low
and pillows with perfume from years ago
Like the loves you don't notice, and old yellow photos
of the first one that you know.

It'll be long-lost forgotten like the very first page,
traded for a rifle, some clothes and a wage
if someday you find yourself settled and fair,
won't you wait
won't you wait for me there?

By god i love you
but you will never know
I am just afraid of you

Come down from your throne
show me which way is home
walk me to my door and fade away

Because the life of a soldier just keeps
getting colder with the fires surrounding me
and i miss you so much here, just wait until
next year, and maybe then you'll see

I'll be strong and a hero with government pay
I'll take you by hand and we'll both move away.
But all i've got now is this hope that you care
just to wait
just to wait for me there.

Oh Lord, why?
I'll never kiss her again
I lay here far from home and i'm dying

May my letters make it home
lay me deep beneath the stone
for i can't bear to hear her crying

It's my last dying wish to remember your kiss
on the morning i left you alone.
I long for my life to be with you, my wife
and to hold you in my home

Now i'll be waiting out there somewhere
floating and counting the days till you're near
I'll build us a house in heaven to share
and ill wait...
I will wait for you there


"Wishbones" - LP, released 2011 (iTunes, etc)
-KFOG 104.5 (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)
-KZFR 90.1 (Chico, CA)
-KXJZ (NPR) (Sacramento, CA)
-KDVS 90.3 (UC Davis, CA)
-KVMR (Nevada City, CA)
-KFOK (Georgetown, CA)
-WCDB (Albany, NY)

"What if You Knew My Name" - Single, KFOG Local Scene Vol. 8, released 2011

"My Rainy Weather Girl" -Single, iTunes exclusive released Xmas 2010

"Not Yet Now" - LP, released 2007
Radio/ Interview :
-NPR 90.9 (Sacramento, CA)
-KDVS 90.3 (UC Davis, CA)
-KSSU (CSU Sacramento)