Walking Upright

Walking Upright


Walking Upright is a group of uniquely talented musicians who, by some miracle, collaborate with each other flawlessly. Male and female vocalists, two electric guitars, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, and the occasional violin. Their patchwork of influences creates soulful playful rock!


Walking Upright is located in New York City. The group began as a recording project started by Patrick and Bryan Logan around 2003. Bryan, who had recently graduated college was inspired to take on writing lyrics to his brother's ever expanding guitar work. Patrick had picked up the guitar about two years prior and wrote music at a young age like second nature. Since then, he has graduated with a degree in studio production and all that you listen to is his great labor. Al Domingo was the first to sit down with the brothers and has continued to collaborate and guide this music, becoming an undeniable creative force. His involvement always has and continues to bring great ideas and people to the table. Cliff Ribeiro is a powerhouse of style and is the first rock of our current line-up. His strength pervades everything he plays and gives the music a real backbone. Jess Hamaker came into our lives this New Year and it is a wonder to see her do her thing. She is a completely original artist, a strength belied by age and the most legitimate soulful singer you're going to find, period. Yvans Jean-Michel has the touch, plain and simple. His tasteful approach sits over, under, in between and when the bass comes to the forefront it just does your heart some good.


Twelve Year

Written By: Bryan Logan

Twelve Year
I'd never have guessed there'd be a day
When such flowers arise and fall
and the billowing laughter only out done
by the cries of the very small
When I reach the shore the fading light
Concealed the world from view
Now It seems to hell or high waters come
Feel like I was all wrong for you
Since I've no place to go
No place to call my home
Now I am drifting downstream
For how long well who knows
Since I turned down my old house
to build me this boat
that I named after my first love
That hung me out to dry
Sure enough on my own hook
But she never did lie
And since Its such a long trip
The boys came through in style
Set me off with some Twelve Year
Hope it lasts me awhile.
Time to take off my watch and walk away
So time can pass me by
I have sat on my hands so many days
Sometimes the nights weren't kind
I am done, out of words to say
I am gone, out of my mind
In a place where forgetfulness flows
like a river to seas of time.
Since I've no place to go
No place to call my home
Now I'm drifting down stream
for how long well who knows
Since i tore down my whole house
to build me this boat
That I named after my first love
who hung me out to dry
Sure enough on my own hook
but She never did lie
And since I won't see you for so long
Can't say where I'm going to
I'll leave you in the comfort
of grace as I would do
And Forever, Braving bad weather
Swallowed up by the sea
Arms out, eyes closed, don't hold on to me.


EP "Patchwork" June 2009

Set List

Twelve Year
Lila Dhara
Shadow of Doubt
The Fall
Jack and Jill
Big Dreamer
Away We Go
After Hours
Grand Central Station
Covers: Three More Days/Ray La Montagne
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover: Paul Simon
Set Time:1- 1.5 Hours