The Walk of Every Man

The Walk of Every Man


An energetic songwriting duo with a distinct yet classic folk-rock sound. Their songs emphasize lyrical and musical depth showcasing the duo's talents as multi instrumentalists. Chris's powerful yet introspective words are perfect accompaniment for the driving rhythmic melodies of Don's guitarwork.


The Walk of Every Man began in the summer of 2005 as a three-guitar jam project with brothers Don and Chris Ford and their mutual friend Jeff MacAdams. Originally titled “The Everyman,” the group was mostly involved in covers of the group’s favourite bands. Chris had recently developed a taste for songwriting in his university dorm room and donated his repertoire to the group, who were met with enthusiasm from their friends and from the Calgary open-mic scene. The Everyman went on to play through 2006, but the three were separated by school and this lack of continuity eventually led to Jeff’s departure in 2007 (prompting the band’s change of name). That same summer Chris and Don embarked on a two-month road trip across the United States, their homeland. Many of the band’s most popular songs were written during this period (including their most requested song, All I Ever Want). Chris and Don continue to play in small venues in both Calgary and Edmonton.

The band’s influences are varied; Chris and Don both share a penchant for classic and contemporary rock bands, but their tastes run eclectic beyond this point. Chris’ songwriting has been most heavily influenced by Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, U2, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Radiohead, Neil Young, Ben Harper, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, and Wilco. Don’s guitar owes as much to a heavy blues influence with elements of Clapton and Hendrix as it does to the more melodic-rock sounds of Mark Tremonti or John Frusciante.


All I Ever Want

Written By: Chris Ford

I was in a rut looking face-down through the window of a tired sedan
My head was full of pictures and my heart was pumping signals that I couldn’t understand
I just couldn’t understand

I was in America driving through the heart of the heartland on a dusty road
I was feeling street-tough, looking like a million bucks
Two guitars my only load
The sun was busy burning the lines in between the cars and all of the rocks and trees
How was I to know that we were just believing too hard in all of our star-crossed dreams

Please someone save me
I am turning into a man
And all I ever want
All I really want
Is just to be myself again

You were in your room humming to yourself but the world should’ve been there to hear
Look who stumbles in now: oh, it’s reality whispering in your ear
I was busy tricking the mirror into looking back at me
How is it that fools like myself only ever use our eyes to see?

Please someone save me
I am turning into a man

Maybe I should practice what I was brought up to preach
Maybe I should listen when my betters try to teach
Maybe I should lie down instead of running around in the rain
But all I ever want
All I really want
Is just to be myself again

Please someone save me
I am turning into a man

— Lyrics by Chris Ford, October 2007


Written By: Chris Ford

Pour me over
Pour me out
I am giving up
I am heading south
I stand divided by the endless crashing silence
And the reasons I’ve refused to fly for so long

This is the last call for heroes
All aboard; we’ll wave goodbye
And count the smiles that are waiting on the other side
The falls, they are the ones who will remember when we’re gone
Our exit

All the legends
In all the books
Divine inspiration
Divine delivery trucks
I stand arrested by the things I’ve left my best inside of
And the reasons I’ve refused to stand, but no more

This is the last call for heroes
This is the end

— Lyrics by Chris Ford, 2007


Written By: Chris Ford

Jack can fly
He can fly across the world
He’s sitting pretty with a mind weighed down by deep thoughts
When he lands he’s going to land among his friends
When he gets back up they’re going to push him down again

No more silent lies, please
No more cyanide, please
No more silent lies, please
No more cyanide

Arrest us all
We are guilty of sin
It’s not pretty; with our minds we can bring ourselves way down
And when we land, we’re going to land among our friends
But when we get back up Jack’s gonna knock us down again

No more silent lies, please
No more cyanide

I can taste it
Oh no
I can taste it
Oh, no

Can you look me in the eye and swallow

Dark Water

Written By: Chris Ford

Cats and candles in my head
Big fish swimming through again
Toy cars and paper planes strung out in motorcades
Why don’t you figure out what to do

Everyone is spinning in a cage
The giant’s grinning in a rage
‘Cause we’re all sinning
And he’s sick to his chest
Of our automatic lives
We’ve left no room to improvise
It’s not so hard to see why he wouldn’t eat us all tonight

A spider caught in his own web
I am running through again
Dream-catchers and candy-canes strung out in an old parade
Why don’t you figure out what to do

Everyone is spinning in a cage
And I have seen the stranded dreams
I have been one of the unclean
And I have tasted dark water

Set List

Typically the Walk of Everyman plays either a one or two-hour set (with break) drawing on both originals and covers (sometimes as inserts to their own songs).

Most popular original songs:

No More Lights
Go Find Moses
Yesterday's People
My Name Is Tomorrow
Not For You
Painted Men
Dark Water
Exit (Last Call For Heroes)
Cold Beyond Belief
All I Ever Want
Midnights & Sunsets
For Catherine

Most popular covers:

You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones)
Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve)
Creep (Radiohead)
Running To Stand Still (U2)
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (The Beatles)
All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
Redemption Song (Bob Marley)
Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones)
Salt of the Earth (Rolling Stones)
Where Do The Children Play (Cat Stevens)