Walk of Life

Walk of Life


Walk of Life was formed with the heart and desire to reach people and give them a message about God through our music. We have played several places and have been alot of places and have seen God work in so many ways.


Walk of Life was formed by four indivuals to use music for spreading the Word of jesus Christ to area youth.
Introducing Nathan Wheeler (Mt. Vernon) to Lead Vocals and Guitar in 2006 - and Chris Donoho (Mt. Vernon) to bass guitar and Vocals in 2007 - gave the music sound - later coined "Christian Crunch" - with the same direction in mind.
This unique, edgy mode of music maintains a clearly-understood message while appealing to the modern pop and alternative listenership. The harmonies of Wheeler and Donoho and purcussion by Russ Wielt (Mt. Vernon) drive home Walk of Life's mission of introducing youth to the Lord and increasing awareness of local, national and global issues that affect Christian families today.


LP - Debut album - Marathon - released Spring 2008

EP - Marathon - released 2008

Set List

Our set ranges from 20 minutes to a little over an hour. Whatever the venue wants us to play, we always try to provide. All of our music are originals.