Walk the Earth

Walk the Earth


Alternative Grunge Rock melted into the minds and hands of three fine musicians. Walk the Earth delivers a riveting performance live on stage and on the new CD "flood of creation" STAY TUNED FOR THE NEW ALBUM!!!! "WTE 03"


We first met in 2001. We had the opportunity to play together a few times with both Tim and EJ on guitars and myself on drums. It would be some time until we worked together again. . .

January, 2004

Tim and I spent 2004 recording and developing an enormous wealth of songs. Months went by that Tim would show up with new songs every session. We maintained a steady recording and rehearsal schedule. We played 3 shows as Walk the Earth in 2004. We were a two piece. We started recording at Pogo Studio in Champaign, IL, just to stay busy. Near Thanksgiving we compiled a group of songs that we had recorded in my office over the previous year to be released as our first album. By the end of the year we released our first album, "Mirror" a full length experimental demo if you will. Our very loyal fans consumed these CD's giving us the vision to grow. EJ would soon be joining us again. This time as the bass guitarist.

January, 2005

With just six weeks under our belts as a 3 piece, we started playing live. The entire band wasted no time tightening up. We continued on our recording project at Pogo Studio and played live regularly. We continued our recording and rehearsal schedule. By the end of the year we had finished our second album. It is to be our first "official" album.

January 2006

Flood of Creation released.

(Recorded at Pogo Studio, Produced by Mark Rubel and Walk the Earth, Design by Nuclearview Design Co. Mastered at WestWestSide Music)

We will be very busy this year. We are planning more shows. WE ARE STARTING THE NEW ALBUM THIS SUMMER!!!!

Our new album and our first demo are available at:


We sound like:

Helmet, Faith No More, Stone Temple Pilots, Stone Sour, Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath




The Fifth

Written By: Tim Johnson

You’re the only one that ever calls with a constant costume
Do you even care at all because I thought that you used to
All your lies and alibis I won’t be shy I’ll watch you taste the dirt again
You’re gonna die while I’m alive
Run and hide you jerk I know how you work you sin

You’re the foe in my books definition
Toe to toe with my premonition

Take em’ down pissed with a fist
It’s a myth just plead the fifth

I want to walk and watch you crawl
To your death high on violence and routine
You’ve broken every single law
Your whole life was a crime scene
I’m sure it’s cold and dark in the bottom of a well
You’ll be beggin’ for some light to shine through
Know that you’re now on the highway to hell
They’ll ring a bell when it’s time for your abuse
I’m so damn done with you

I’ll get along with everyone when you’re gone I know
I wrote this song because you’ve got me wrong you don’t belong no more
You’re the one the only one that needs to kill himself
That’s what he wants so die at once
You were born to burn in hell

You’re the mud in the flood of creation
The bug on the rug of this nation

He took him down with a fist that he clinched
I stood around and counted the hits
Skin and bones you would lie to a cliff
So full of shit you’re heavy to lift
Tell the truth cuz you never can
I’m not your crutch I hate you man


Written By: Tim Johnson

I’m not what you think
I’m shot I’m slain
Doesn’t anyone have fun I can’t say
I’m sorry but I gotta run I can’t stay

I am what I am
The hippi dick the son of sam
Doesn’t anyone have fun I can’t say
And I’m sorry but I gotta run I can’t stay

Terrified yes I am
Shaken and stirred enough that I won’t give up
To break it down I’m a clown way up in the clouds
Saturated in sin but I won’t give in

Cut Up and Shot

Written By: Tim Johnson

Don’t jade me you’re never gonna know anyone
Can’t you see I’m always gonna have me some fun
In your face like an addict drug in to dope
That was laced do you think you’re gonna make it I don’t

Don’t hate me it’s the simple way out of the maze
Your malignant ways leave no space to change
These thick chains will make you make me love heavy metal
Your offensive ways are gonna get you cut up and shot

Your malady
Won’t get to me because I’m safe
If I wasn’t you would still be shit outta luck

I am safe so safe I’ll wait to write my will


2004 - WTE01 - Walk the Earth "Mirror"
2005 - WTE02 - Walk the Earth "flood of creation"

Set List

Our set can vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

Four hour shows with 4 sets of 45 mimutes each.