Wallace's Line

Wallace's Line


Wallace's Line challenges the traditional pop format with a unique approach to melody, harmony and time. Radiohead meets Neil Young meets Nirvana.


For 5 years Wallace's Line has been developing their experimental rock sound. In that time, the band has played countless clubs and venues throughout Ohio. Wallace's Line in influenced by the sounds of David Bowie, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, and Radiohead to name a few.

Wallace's Line is different from other bands because they incorporate jazz, and classical elements into their style of pop rock. Wallace's Line tries to write songs that juxtapose opposite emotions and ideas. For example, Wallace's Line will try to write a happy song about a sad subject, or a song that has the feeling of very fast things in slow motion.

In May 2003, Wallace's Line had the song
'Supermodel' featured on a show called "Fashion Trance" on E! Entertainment Television. The band was also featured on a reality TV show called "The Rock Bands Reality Show" on a Cincinnati TV station.

Wallace's Line has had radio airplay in Australia and Canada, as well locally in Ohio.



Written By: Wallace's Line


Baby Belle
Shoot for model
Baby Belle

Shoot for model, suit for model, Supermodel babe

Baby Belle


Written By: Wallace's Line


Down in Miami,
Stuck in customs for a half a day

Slippin' Away

On a holiday,
To Jamaica--Rasafari

Slippin' Away


Singles: 'Supermodel' (will appear on E! Entertainment Television in May 2003)
'Cole's Law' (Featured on the Ohio Compilation CD, "Dayton After Dark")

LPs: Wallace's Line has been continuously writing and recording original material from their home studio. To date, Wallace's Line has recorded more than 30 songs.

Set List

A typical set includes a selection of all-original music by Wallace's Line. WL varies the mood between fast and driving progressive rock, and gooved-out ballads.

The following is a list of original songs by Wallace's Line:

All Aboard
All Americans
All Directions
Blues in Asia Minor
Bombs and Bread
Brave New Way
Cole's Law
Dance to Delirium
Different Lives
Garbage Pile
Here With Me
I Forgot My Commands
I Got Time
It's All You
Loosely Constructed Images
Make Up
Mountain of Fire
New Destiny
New Quintessence
Pick You Madness
Sense to Change
Ski's Song
Strange for Chains
Train Station
Wild Contagious