WALLcreeper is an independent rock band from Boston, MA consisting of veterans of the local "indie-rock" scene. The songs are powerful, catchy and executed with powerful aplomb.


What do you get when you take a do-gooder, an obsessive compulsive, a control freak and a local lothario, each with great instrumental skill, give them a few cans of Guinness and put them in a practice room? You get WALLcreeper. And possibly a black eye.

WALLcreeper was founded by AC Cooper and Tom Nicholson. Cooper was fronting the Boston band, Blanketeer, and Nicholson had recently returned from Russia where he'd been administering tuberculosis vaccine to prison inmates. Acquaintances through mutual friends, the two had not played together until circumstances found them and their guitars together at a remote cabin in the woods of Maine. It was there that they began to write as WALLcreeper.

The fruit of the ensuing collaboration is the band's self-titled debut on which Nicholson and Cooper play all the instruments. Cooper's "Empty In The Eyes" or "Should Have Known Better" somehow evoke both early ZZ Top and My Bloody Valentine. Nicholson's softer "Reckless" shows that the two are capable of sensitive articulation. In "Virgin", Nicholson's lyrics deal with issues of control, perception, and manipulation. It's heady stuff. And more often than not, it's quite loud.

Tired of relying on their ill-equipped practice room and on multitrack recording gear to record all of the instruments, the two guitarists recruited Gavin McCarthy and Aaron Trail. McCarthy spent 12 years on drums in the rock band Karate as well as doing a number of tours as drummer for Ted Leo, Swirlies, and Cul de Sac. Trail, a blue-eyed James Jamerson, had been working the bass in psych-rock bands Night Trees and Bram Stroker. The new lineup proved to be the extra helping of thunderous low-end Cooper and Nicholson were looking for.

As a 4-piece, WALLcreeper has recently shared the stage with indie acts Asobi Seksu, The Love Language, Headlights, Ted Leo/Pharmacists, and Parts and Labor. Currently, the band is working with Darron Burke of Makeshift Studio in Boston. The bands first recording as a 4 piece promises a break from today's extreme eclecticism. Though WALLcreeper does draw from a wide variety of influences, the results of their confluence are clear and concise, disparate personalities and copious amounts of grog notwithstanding.



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We play all WALLceeper music.