Barry Waller

Barry Waller


Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist B. Waller has always had a penchant for combining opposites. He started playing bass in Mazarin, Lynyrd Skynyrd/Grateful Dead cover band, while playing drums and collaborating on originals with Creem Magazine's Lester Bangs and Velvet Underground veteran John Cale.


Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Barry Waller started his illustrious music career alternately playing bass in Mazarin, a highly-successful regional cover band, while composing and recording originals. The dual role of cover stylist and introspective songwriter has shaped Barry into an entertainer capable of bringing his unique brand of musical versatility to a wide audience.
Between successful seasons at Long Island’s North Fork wineries, Barry brings his music to European audiences. During his residencies in Copenhagen, Denmark and beyond this seasoned performer engages crowds with familiar favorites, classic rock rarities and originals. In 2007, Barry was hired by legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore to be the touring bass/rhythm guitarist in Blackmore’s Night.

With an ever-growing song list, Barry continues to open for national acts and make appearances on popular college and web radio shows. Armed simply with his guitar to provide either sparse accompaniment or powerful chord changes, Barry’s life-seasoned vocals deliver his chosen material in an insightful and crowd-pleasing fashion.
With his return to the States, Barry Waller is now available to play clubs, coffeehouses and events. He is also looking forward to additional international tours.
Professional Resume:
1979-1983: Singing bassist for Mazarin, a NY Top 40 rock band (who won Best Band in Good Times Magazine reader poll for three consecutive years). They opened for national acts including Average White Band, Leslie West and Orleans.
1984-1987: Singing bassist for AOK, a NY-based traveling hotel lounge band that played extensively in the Midwest and Canada. Opened for national acts including Modern English and John Cale.
1988-1996: Profiled as “Artist of the Month” in Holland’s Eurodisc Agenda magazine.
1996-present: Barry’s solo and duo acoustic gigs take him through New York, Nassau and Suffolk County, and a number of Eastern Long Island wineries. With Wondrous Stories, he has opened for Zebra and appeared on Long Island’s Channel 12 Morning Show. As a soloist, he has opened for Midge Ure (Ultravox) and G.E. Smith (Saturday Night Live).
2004-2005: Barry makes his debut tour of Europe, playing the pub circuit in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Switzerland as a troubadour.
2006: Barry’s original instrumentals chosen as theme music to Tony Traguardo’s “4F”, and prominently featured in Winifred Boyd’s “Tree of Avalon” program on
2007-2008: Bass/rhythm guitarist in Blackmore’s Night (as Baron St. James).
2009-2010 Tour in Finland, Europe



Written By: Barry Waller

Meet yourself inside a dream
What a scene, picture tomorrow
What you put off today
fades away, too late tomorrow

It’s a given thing, it’s everything,
sweet songs to sing that we both know
Tomorrow’s far away, we’ve only got today
Hold me when you play, never let me go

A pocket of sweet time
yours and mine, until tomorrow
So throw away those plans,
hold my hand, don’t spend tomorrow


Turn a wrong to right
Start tonight, colour tomorrow
Way beyond your fear,
find me here, in your tomorrow


Doo doo doo doo de-doo etc.


Written By: Barry Waller

Wish I was less like weather
Wish I was more like you
Wish tonight didn’t have to end so soon
Wish your children stronger
as they fight the gloom
Wish them light longer than here to the moon

When things go wrong, just hold on,
one thing is clear
Wishes we share are for dreamers
who dare tread here

Wish your smile grows wider
Wish this feeling stays
Wish for futures brighter, starting today
Wish these stormy impressions
bring passion back around, now
Wish these cloudy confessions don’t bring you down


Wish less burden
on those we lose
Wish them safe and certain on the roads they chose
Wish your clearest calling
always rings true now,
true as the love falling on me….
and you.

Halfway Down a Cloud

Written By: Barry Waller

Love can never leave you, if it’s never really there
Lovers won’t deceive you, as long as you don’t care
Out of the bar, into his car
In the morning you’re still free
Empty one-night stands,
walls go up as planned, too carefully

Halfway down
Halfway down
Halfway down
Halfway down a cloud

Don’t get too real, it’s only skin to skin
Nothing revealed, power over him
When you give it all, how hard you fall, can’t bear the pain
Learn how not to cry, while your sky is falling rain

Halfway down etc.

Do what’s expected, don’t expect too much
You’re too well-protected for anyone to touch
Setting the scene for one more cloudy day
Deep in your dream, am I stashed away?

Falling from grace, mask on your face, you touch and run
Maybe it’s time, turn around you’ll find you’re not the only one
halfway down a cloud.

Not Alone

Written By: Barry Waller

Yesterday I started taking your pictures down
What’s the point, you ain’t even gonna be around
There’s a stranger in your eyes
Something I didn’t realize
You never have to know pain that I know…

Alone, you’re not alone
I should have known
you would do what you wanna do
It’s up to you, up to you

Look at me, you’re looking at a jealous man
And don’t pretend you don’t know why I am
When I feel the cold in your voice
Pack your bag, you’ve made your choice
You never have to know pain that I know…


So go pronounce our love dead
By jumping into some stranger’s bed
You know how to rebound
But you’ll never know
what I know

Block of Ice

Written By: Barry Waller

One day you’ll find
deep in your mind you long to be
touched by me
Someday I’ll cast
that spell that gets me past your heart of stone
I’ll take you home
to the real thing,
no bar room dealing like those fools
who bend the rules and don’t think twice
about skating on your block of ice

Someday I’ll feel
you finally reveal your guarded love
in every breath
We could share
if only closeness didn’t scare
you half to death
But love won’t clip your wings,
spread yours while I sing,
touch the sky as I roll the dice
and gamble on your block of ice

Through the ice I see
your wings look like a lock and key
A moving picture’s never clear
and it’s so cold,
so cold out here

Someday soon
the sun and moon will melt you down,
spin you around
A pool of calm,
love lost and found, I would swim
my way back in
Every time
your eyes meet mine
you will know love is no sacrifice
But love can’t grow
on a block of ice
No afterglow
on a block of ice
I only know
your block of ice

Tree House

Written By: Barry Waller

It was getting hard to live,
we needed an alternative,
a hiding place… show its face
Then she said “close your eyes”
There it was, to my surprise
a tree house
our own tree house

Cheap wine, ice cream pops
We tower over the rooftops
in our tree house, our tree house
Her blouse over my lampshade,
Magic in the love we made
in our tree house, in our tree house

And I never want to leave
No I never want to leave

We never heard the howling wind,
were not prepared when the roof caved in
our tree house, our poor tree house
After the storm I sought repair,
returned to find you two there
I turned away, before I heard him say

“Baby I never want to leave,
no I never want to leave”

Stubborn wounds refuse to heal
New ones form, you don’t feel the way I feel
for our tree house
That was then, you’ve turned a page
from tenderness turned to rage and bitter tears
But when the smoke clears
don’t forget how me and you
breathed brand new life into that rotting shed
Remember how I said

that I never want to leave
no I never want to leave

our tree house
our tree house
our tree house
our old tree house

Someone Else's Window

Written By: Barry Waller

Someone else’s window
always half-open
She lets him in the back door
a fool outside is hoping
what she cares to show him
might add up to something,
let his future be her
but then he had to see her
through someone else’s window

Something well-protected
gently pried open
to leave a trace of love light,
disappear the next night
Wind blows through the curtains
a fool is left to wonder
why heaven’s only serving
other people thunder
through someone else’s window

When you see a window
better to keep walking
If she’s not at the front door
it just adds up to talking
She’ll only draw the curtains
when you try to know her
While a fool is waiting
the hand of fate will show her
someone else’s window
someone else’s window
someone else’s window.

Counting (Symbiosis)

Written By: Barry Waller

String and loose pearls, there at your feet
Jigsaw world, puzzle incomplete
A missing piece, something to do
Are you counting on me, to count on you?

Familiar face, classic sad clown
out of place, the circus left town
Nobody here can see what you see
I’m counting on you, to count on me

to blur the line dividing “yours” and “mine”
finding “ours” in between
Tiptoe confiding, no longer hiding
who’s residing in each other’s dreams

Fragments of bliss, born out of pain
Shelter in a kiss under torrid rain
Where tragedy meets comedy
I’m counting on you, to count on me
Where it takes two to follow through
are you counting on me
to count on you?