David Wallimann

David Wallimann


David Wallimann is a progressive rock guitarist who recently moved back to the U.S. from France. David is dedicated to serving Jesus Christ with the wonderful gift of music God has given him. He enjoys playing many different styles, however his musical influences are very prog oriented.


Originally from France, David Wallimann moved to the United States of America to pursue a musical career. He was quickly noticed by the American Progressive rock community and joined internationally acclaimed band Glass Hammer.

After releasing Glass Hammer's double live DVD "Live at Belmont" musically inspired by the work of CS Lewis, David spends time in the studio working on his own music.
"Deep Inside The Mind" is his first release as a solo artist. His love for intricate arrangement and spiritual truths make this artist unique in the Christian rock genre.

David is currently working on his next solo project and on finishing Glass Hammer's 11th studio album.


CPR Volume 2 - Threshing Floor Records 2005
Deep inside the Mind - David Wallimann 2006
Live at Belomont DVD - Glass Hammer 2006
Rain start falling - Craig Smith Twenty9two 2006
Signposts - Vertical Alignment 2007