Wall Of Funk

Wall Of Funk

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Wisconsin funk metal, giving you a new experience by blending groovy bass and heavy guitars with rockin' drums and melodic hip hop screaming. Our interactive and energetic live performance will have you jumping around, banging your head, and shaking your ass all at the same time!


Wall Of Funk - |wol uv fungk| - n.
A substance made of the emotions, ideas, beliefs, deceptions, corruption, filth, love, beauty, honesty, and the general random elements of life, society, and struggle of mankind. It can be built up and torn down. It is the constant wave of good and evil. It is our existence, what ties everyone and everything together. However, the interpretation is entirely up to you.

Without any specific genre to properly fit into we have effectively created our own brand of Wisconsin Funk Metal. Using unique combinations of influence from musical greats such as Pantera and 311, and mixing the intensity of Rage Against the Machine and the bass riff influences of Primus you find Wall Of Funk. The originality and musical drive of these influences has pushed us to create a truly unique sound. We pride ourselves on mixing music from all ends of the genre spectrum and coming out with an honestly distinctive tone, style, and message.

We strive to play our own music in our own way and to be individuals among the muck of what is popular music these days. We know who we are and what we want to be and nothing else matters. Our goal is to break out of the box with our music as well as challenge our musical skills; striving to set a new standard in music. We want to open people up to a new variety of music and help them understand what music is truly about, passion and connection. Our vision and reason why we play and enjoy music is because of the ability people have to relate music to their own life. While we may have certain things to say, we want people to take their own interpretation and apply it to themselves. Although we may be very serious about writing our music, we like to consider ourselves a “seriously unserious band”, and intend to always put on energetic, comical, and interactive live shows, aiming to entertain any crowd.

We have just finished up our debut full-length album titled Vital Hiatus, and will be releasing it late this summer. We feel it’s the best representation of our current sound, which is constantly evolving. We’ll be continuing to play shows and promoting the new CD to see how far we can take our sound. We’re definitely not you’re typical funk band. Our sound is beyond an easy definition, it’s like our name, contradictory yet similar at the same time. Our music is simply all about enjoying the tunes, banging your head, and rocking out!

Wisconsin Funk Metal - Giving you a New Experience!



New Experience

Written By: Wall Of Funk

Separate with radical change of pace
Psychedelic trip from outer space
Open minded progress for your face
Re-arranging the pieces and their place
Different from these pop culture fakes
Originality and the style we make
Positive action you should take
Fuck your lust for greed, give me a break!

‘Cause I need a new experience
Not the second becoming of a worthless counterfeit
This world is too one sided
Take a walk in someone’s shoes so you can find out
All of these people are (Lifeless; Spineless; Mindless)
After it all they cannot (Hide it; Resist; Buy bliss)
Try to help but you just supply shit
Thinkin’ that I’m really gonna buy this

So we’re takin’ a trip to the downtown area
Comin’ to blast this shit through your stereo
Sayin’ sometimes that you just don’t know
So picture this here’s your new scenario

I think I want to fuck you with my mind
Wrap you up and take you through the insight
In-spite my desire for the inside
Damn right I fight straight up outta sight!
Mohawka wicked with the warrior stripe
Down for groovin’ we’ll always get it sick right?
Someone seein’ this start as the finish
Is their diminished belief in where to begin it

It’s all surreal groove with no feel
A steal
These pure absolute deals
Signed and sealed another vulture’s meal
Kick it with me and we’ll keep it real
Why heal what you’re just gonna kill
Kick it with me and we’ll just get ill
Yeah right out here now standing still

Like Cocaine

Written By: Wall Of Funk

So why do I want this
It’s beginning that always gets me
So simply
And this time I think its wrong
And I’ll break free

But your love is just like cocaine
You fill me up yet leave me so drained
Your love is so much like cocaine
Making me numb yet I can still feel pain

So just when I think I’ve had my fill
Line me up for just one more thrill
Beat my heart and let it spill
Heavy on my head this anvil that’s droppin’

Your love is just like cocaine
You get me so high I just can’t complain
Your love is so much like cocaine
Get me so fucked up I can’t use my brain

Oh this crime is always hit or miss
Still one sniff will bring me back to bliss
It’s almost like your kiss
Now I’m coming down
Coming down
Coming down
And I’m done with this!
Yeah right!

But your love is just like cocaine
I feel my heart race when you hit my veins
Now this love is so much like cocaine
It will never be enough
I will never be the same
Making me so goddamn insane
Your love is just like cocaine!
Yeah right


Written By: Wall Of Funk

Slow time
Well it’s dry
So I’m
Just fine, but

This heat is too much for me
Burst at my seams I cannot breathe
Or so it seems I’ve failed to see
Sometimes when my mind is free
Into steam when our eyes gleam
The shapes cut through instantly

A mirage when what I think I see is
Never really there
The visions I continue to see
A mirage that’s inside of me now silently waiting

A metaphor oh we will see
Wandering aimlessly is serene
Or so it seems this glistening
Will breathe its light right through me

Sabotage is off the top
It’s so damn hot it just hits the spot
So stop now here’s the low down
You’ve got to slow down now
I need some time to think
Wait don’t blink here on the brink
Of the storm
Let this sand run through my hands
And time it stands so still it’s almost blank

A mirage when what I think I see is
Never ever really there oh no

Well I guess I’m just fine

Monkeys Anonymous

Written By: Wall Of Funk

Now I’ve lost my mind hours ago
So can you help me find
Which way to go
I’ve sought for too long
Who knows
Into the unknown
Oh in the unknown
Now I know we go
Oh in the unknown
Drunk Monkeys Anonymous

Fall (The Empire)

Written By: Wall Of Funk

Been in this daze for too many days
So can you help me please get through this maze
Been too blazed am I insane
Or a slave to my ways?

Prioritize this time
A perpetual mine field of your own design
Still looking to find
How to intensify your mind
Take the test redefine
My infinity
When something that I need
It buries me!
Still looking to find
How to intensify your mind
Take the test redefine

When all I need is one good joint and my guitar
I don’t have to go nowhere to go very far
So give me one good joint then don’t go too far
‘Cause we can toke and you can help me forget it all

On what’s been spent
Limitless evidence
For what’s been eating

Or am I really?


Hot Insight EP - released January, 28, 2008
Orange Room Sessions Demo - released late 2008
Vital Hiatus - To be released July 31, 2010

Set List

We try to include a variety of our song styles into one rocking set, otherwise we'll go for a more chill or more heavy set depending on the venue and crowd. Our last set looked like this: New Experience, Monkeys Anonymous, Mirage, Soul to Squeeze (RHCP), Skank Rock, Trapezium, Like Cocaine, Whiskey Bar/ Touch Me (The Doors), Wandering Out, Bat in Your Face, Hiatus, Fall the Empire, Wall of Funk, Song to Feel Better.

We have at least 20 songs with some more in the works plus about 8 different cover tunes that we can throw in the mix. We usually choose cover songs that are more rare and unique by some of our favorite bands (RHCP, 311, Sublime, Primus, The Doors, etc.)

So in all we can do at most 3 hours of solid music, usually split into 2 to 3 sets. Otherwise we can always do the standard 30 min to 1 hour sets and rock those too.