Wall of Jules

Wall of Jules


Acoustic rock with a dash of blues and a hint of Zep. WALL OF JULES is the real thing. Comprised of three musicians with varied backgrounds -- from jazz to classic rock. Precise, fun energy music. If you want to feel the groove, or picture the road, then look no further!


WALL OF JULES is an exciting acoustic rock band based in Nashville. Cindy Finkle, originally from Portland, Maine, is the lead voice and guitarist. Songwriter for the band, her style reflects a love for all types of music from Etta James to Led Zeppelin. Prior to moving to Nashville, Cindy lived and performed in New York City.

On bass and background vocals is Susan Charnley from Washington, D.C. Her fretless bass work is a rarity among bassists. Susan also toured with disappear fear on their 1991 national tour.

Nancy Given Gardner is the groove behind WALL OF JULES. She grew up in South Carolina and went on to graduate from the University of South Carolina with a Jazz/Commercial Music degree. Nancy is a versatile drummer, having performed with Restless Heart, Steve Wariner and Wild Rose. She also has a Grammy nomination to her credit for songwriting.

Cindy, Susan, Nancy and her husband Randy Gardner produced the debut CD for
WALL OF JULES, Buck Forty in the Craft, as well as their follow-up CD, WICKED.


Wicked (2004)
Buck Forty in the Craft (1999)