Wall Street Vampire

Wall Street Vampire


We are a band formed out of necessity. After graduating from college we were unable to find jobs in our areas of study due to the worst economy in decades, which was a result of greed and corruption on Wall street. As a result we decided to rock out in the meantime. We formed as Wall Street Vampire.


Coming together in the summer of 2009, we were formed after we couldn't find career-track jobs following gradution from UNLV. Using our diverse ethnic backgrounds and our love for alternative rock, we decided to fuse diversity and music to come up with our own sound, which is a mix of alternative and Arabesque. Following graduation, rock seemed to be the only opportunity for us with the economy bearing no fruit in terms of a job market. We have been rocking out ever since and are absolutely loving it.


Coming soon - Our first ep: "Wall Street Vampire"

Set List

Cataclysmic Soul - original
Soma - cover (smashing pumpkins)
By Surprise - original
Last Stand - original
Into Your Eyes - original
Optimistic - cover (radiohead)
Shadows - original
Conquered - original
Paranoid Android - cover (radiohead)