Rochester, New York, USA
BandAlternativeClassic Rock

Walri is a downright gloriously diverse rock band leading the music scene in Rochester, NY, with unforgetable melodies, tight three-part harmonies, and infectious beats. Labeling their unique sound can be difficult, but don't worry, just call it "Psychedelic Love-Rock" like their fans already do.

Band Press

Saby Reyes-Kulkarni – City Newspaper (Rochester)

Though Walri have been around since late 2006, this stunning debut album makes the Rochester quartet’s entrance onto the local scene official in a big way. Quirky like their musical cousins in Peachy Nietzsche’s, Walri (the plural of “walrus”) restrain their sense of humor enough to let their bountiful musical fluency take center stage. Psychedelic rock, overt nods to the Beatles and Beach Boys, shades of bossa nova, and dense, jazzy chord changes all get executed with smooth precision for a distinct sound the band calls “love rock. ” But you might be too busy with all the hooks to notice. After the band’s strong showing at the release show for this album, one can’t help but wish for a beefier mix, but the songs themselves, not to mention thoroughly satisfying production touches like the ghost keyboard ending of “Lady D,” certainly shine and leave no question about Walri’s skills.