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Walri is a downright gloriously diverse rock band leading the music scene in Rochester, NY, with unforgetable melodies, tight three-part harmonies, and infectious beats. Labeling their unique sound can be difficult, but don't worry, just call it "Psychedelic Love-Rock" like their fans already do.


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It's the question everyone's asking...and the answer is “Yes!”

Walri is a downright exciting rock band with a gloriously diverse sound leading the music scene in Rochester, New York, with their unforgetable melodies, tight harmonies, and infectious beats. Walri brings extraordinary tunes and unshakable live playing everywhere they go. Labeling their unique sound can be difficult since they incorporate 60's Retro Pop, 70's Funk, Jazz and Brazilian Bossa Nova, and modern Rock and Roll. But don't worry, just call it "Love-Rock" like their fans already do.

Why you should pay attention:

Walri has shared the stage with such nationally touring acts as Dr. Dog, Ben Lee, Reel Big Fish, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Elf Power, and other members of the Elephant Six Collective. The band performs regularly in their hometown of Rochester, and frequently brings their captivating sounds to Boston, New York, Chicago, Burlington, Syracuse, and Buffalo. Previous shows include Rochester's 2009 East End Festival, Rochester's Lilac Festival, and the 2009 Rochester Indie Festival where they were one of the recommended must-see bands on the three day bill. The band has made appearances at the Water Street Music Hall, innumerable shows at the one and only Bug Jar, and performances at colleges throughout the north east. Walri is preparing the remastered and remixed official re-release of the first full length album, "Paper Crane." They have also just finished their brand spankin' new single, Cotton Candy. Never content with the status quo, the band is sweating the hours away in their home studio recording their second full album which will include the songs on the single. Keep your eyes peeled, your ears hungry, and your knees limber for the next time you see Walri.


Rochester City Newspaper
CD Reviews
Walri "Paper Crane"
By Saby Reyes-Kulkarni On Mar. 26th, 2008

"Although Walri has been around since late 2006, this stunning debut album makes the Rochester quartet's entrance onto the local scene official in a big way. Quirky like its musical cousin Peachy Nietzsches, Walri (the plural of "walrus") restrains its sense of humor enough to let its bountiful musical fluency take center stage. Psychedelic rock, overt nods to the Beatles and Beach Boys, shades of bossa nova, and dense, jazzy chord changes all get executed with smooth precision for a distinct sound the band calls "love rock." But you might be too busy with all the hooks to notice. After the band's strong showing at the release show for this album, you can't help but wish for a beefier mix. But the songs themselves, not to mention thoroughly satisfying production touches like the ghost keyboard ending of "Lady D," certainly shine and leave no question about Walri's skills."

What people are saying about Walri:

"These guys are head-scratchingly good" ~ Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog)

"Easily the coolest thing we've played all night" ~ Frank De Blase (98.8 FM Rochester's The Buzz)

"Rosenstein's distinctive personality might drive Walri, but it's the musicianship he and his bandmates(all stellar at what they do) possess and their lighthearted interaction that makes the band one of Rochester's best." ~Troy Smith (Rochester Metromix)

"The only reason my mom let me come out tonight is because she knows how much I love Walri!" ~ Julia Nunes (Julia Nunes)

Winner of Rochester CITY Newspaper's "Best Album of 2010" award for "Paper Cranes" wide release

1st place Winner of the Black Dog International Songwriting Contest for the song "LADY D"

So how did Walri amalgamate, you ask? Bassist Geoff Saunders and drummer Dave Goebel were honing their chops at the Eastman School of Music when they met up with singer/guitarist Amos Rosenstein and keyboardist Chris Coon who were playing together at the University of Rochester. Walri works hard on a ground-up approach to quality song writing and performing, starting with their infectious tractor beam beats. Tasty guitar lines powered by rich tube amp only sweeten the deal, not to mention the classic rhodes, wurlitzer, and organ tones. And just when you think it can't get any better, two and three part harmonies fill up the room while Amos sends his sweet, nearly-four-octave voice straight through your heart.


"Walri - A Traveling Band of Bards" EP 2005

"Walri - Paper Crane" Full Length Album 2008 (re-mixed, re-mastered, and re-awesomed in 2010 and won Winner of Rochester CITY Newspaper's "Best Album of 2010" award)
1. Cookin'
2. Joyful Things
3. Long Lost Twin Dad
4. The Easy Joy
5. Bear the Dog
6. Morning Day
7. Blue Marooned
8. Bike Ride
9. Ghost Cop
10. The Knack
11. Lady D
12. Decisions
13. Paper Crane

"Walri - Tinkle Sprinkle" Free Single 2009
1. Tinkle Sprinkle
2. Cotton Candy

More music can be found at www.walriloverock.com.

Set List

Our typical setlist follows the album but we may omit tunes in favor of new songs or covers. A typical setlist is as follows:

1. Tinkle Sprinkle - psychedelic love-rock
2. Monochrome Tones - melodically-inqusitive sound-seeking
3. Joyful Things - catchy pop tune with surprises
4. Summer Snow - twisted dream disco
5. The Easy Joy - dusty pop
6. Bear the Dog - raucus ny music
7. Morning Day - groovy nod towards motown
8. Uma Vida Nova - tune in Portuguese (yes, the singer can sing in Portuguese)
9. Ghost Cop - 1970's cop dram-edy that is the creation of Amos and doesn't actually exist except through the legacy of this song
10. Cotton Candy - a delightful number about greed

That's just about a quarter of the music we know. We can play for over 2 hours if necessary.
We've been known to play the odd Beatle, Shins, Of Montreal, Donovan, Dylan, or Radiohead song as well, although we often just omit covers entirely.