Walter Christopher

Walter Christopher

 New York City, New York, USA

Walter Christopher is a versatile Singer/Songwiter who has opened for Kem, Oleta Adams, En Vogue, Fat Joe, Destiny's Child, Diahann Carroll, Boys II Men, Keith Sweat and others. Walt’s signature vocals have also been showcased on several TV and Radio Commercials. His current CD - "The Mellisonant Album" is being well received by Contemporary Jazz Radio.


performers are as versatile a Singer/Songwriter as Walter Christopher.
Mr. Christopher can slide effortlessly from playing an R&B gig to a
sanctified gospel church to a swinging jazz club. A Harlem native,
Walter is affectionately known by his fans, as "Walt Chris". He is well
respected for his performance skills and trademark vocals. Walter has
opened for Kem, Lyfe Jennings, Leela James, Vivian Green, Oleta Adams,
En Vogue, Fat Joe, Diahann Carroll, Boys II Men, Keith Sweat, Kenny
Lattimore, Allyson Williams, Mikki Howard, Jon Lucien, Marion Meadows,
Donald Harrison, and many others. His amazing talents have taken him on
many tours nationally and internationally. Walt's signature vocals have
also been showcased on several TV and Radio Commercials. He was featured
on the HBO special "Back in Da Hood," where he co-wrote, performed and
produced the song "Yesterday". One listen to Walter Christopher and you
will hear the voice of a legend. He is a Balladeer by choice and sings
and writes with the soul that has been missing in today's music.

was nominated for SoulTracks Reader Choice Awards Best Male Vocalist
and Chris Rizik, Founder of says, "Walt Chris is a new
singer with an old soul. His smooth style could have fit just as well in
80's as it does now, and he has the voice to make it all work just
great." Mecca, Programming Manager for Music Choice said, "Walter
Christopher is True R&B!"  Soul music lovers and aficionados got the
opportunity to experience Walter's live show at several venues
throughout the U.S. including the world renown Blues Alley in Washington
DC and the Blue Note in NYC, the acoustically phenomenal New Jersey
Performing Arts Center, NY's Live at Best Buy Stage and the legendary
Frank's Lounge in Brooklyn, NY.

Chris has also released 3 CDs, "It's All About Love - Vol. 1," "Can't
Wait" and "It's All About Love  Vol. 2."  In the Fall of 2012 he
released a remix CD entitled, "Walt Chris - The Remix." Walter has
worked with producers Rhemario "Rio Beats" Webber of Lyfe Jennings fame
and Hubert Eaves IV.  The first single, "Amazing," from Vol.2, was well
received by Urban Adult Contemporary Radio at WHUR (Wash. DC), KJLH (Los
Angeles, CA), KOKY (Little Rock AR), KMEZ (New Orleans), KQXL (Baton
Rouge, LA), WNOV (Milwaukee, WI), WAKB (Augusta, GA), KRMP (Oklahoma
City, OK), WYBC (New Haven, CT), WWMG (Montgomery, AL), WMPZ
(Chattanooga, TN), WLXC (Columbia, SC), WBTF (Lexington, KY) and WNSB
(Norfolk, VA). The 2nd single from the CD, "There You Go Again" was
played in high rotation on soul radio in the UK. Walter's music is also
being featured and/or played on,, Music
Choice, Pandora, Jango, DMX, SpaFax, UK Soul Charts, AccuRadio,, SolarRadio, Danceteria, Northwest and American Airlines
in-flight radio and many more internet and digital stations. All of his
music is currently available on iTunes and (US and UK).  His
current CD "Mellisonant" was released in 2014 and his current single
"You're The Best" is being played on US and International smooth jazz


You're Beautiful

Written By: Walter Christopher

I try to start each morning with a smile on my face.
Gazing at you sleep beside me, you're in a peaceful place.
I touch you gently.
I kiss you softly. You're beautiful.

In my mind I realize,
Nothing can compare to your beauty!

The concept of perfection is in your eyes.
The softness of your body, this must be paradise.
You touch me gently.
You kiss me softly. You're beautiful.

In my mind, I realize,
Nothing can compare to your beauty!
A love so pure, I know for sure.
Nothing can compare to your beauty.

Enchanting is this romance when we're lying,
On a beach of pure white sand.
I'm lost in your love, don't want to be found.
Because you're beautiful!

In my mind, I realize.
Nothing can compare to your beauty.
A love so pure, I know for sure.
Nothing can compare to your beauty!

So Amazing

Written By: walter christopher

First let me tell you 'bout the way that you are making me feel.
I just gotta pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreamin'.
The lovin' that you give to me seems to be beyond the real.
An exotic fantasy, I'm caught up in this feeling.

You are so amazing. Your love's so amazing.

Your eyes reflect the candle light.
Your aura sets the mood tonight.
The whisper on your luscious lips,
Draws me closer, nearer.
Only you can give to me,
The depths of love completely.
Didn't think that I would be totally in love.

You are so amazing. Your love's so amazing.

So poetic are your words.
And I'm caught up in your touch.
You're more than I deserve.
I'm elated 'cause you are my baby!

You are so amazing.
Your love's so amazing!

In Your Eyes

Written By: Walter Christopher

Across the room you catch my eye.
Flirtatious glances make you smile.
As I approach get butterflies.
I’m captivated by your style.
Our conversation flows so smooth.
You’re beautiful I’m into you.
There’s a connection instantly.
Let’s keep in touch ‘cause I believe.

In your eyes, I see my future.
In your eyes, there’s endless passion.
In your eyes, and it’s no wonder.
In your eyes, that I see heaven.

Verse2: Verse 3:
We plan a date right after work. Time seems to fly when you’re having fun.
Romantic dinner, it’s our first. It’s been three years since day one.
When I see you, girl I’m in awe. A chance encounter led to this.
You’re even finer than before. A flourishing relationship.
A moonlit night, a summer breeze. Sometimes I think what it was like,
Your gentle smile put my mind at ease. Before you came into my life.
Something about you touches my soul. All that I know is now you’re here.
It’s such a feeling you should know. You shower me with love.

Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus

I’ve been to many different places.
I’ve seen so many, many faces.
But no one has touched me quite you do.
Love has been such a mystery.
Always seemed to evade me.
But now I’ve solved this mystery.
Found a treasure of love in you.

Fallin In Love

Written By: Walter Christopher


I’m not sure just what happened.
But when I looked in your eyes,
It was different this time.
Like jewels of passion,
They were piercing my soul.
I was lost at hello.
Why do I feel so different?
For many years we’ve been friends.
Shared some tears and some grins.
But today my soul is singing.
Telling me you’re the queen of my heart.


‘Cause I’m falling in love with you now.
With the warmth of your smile,
And the joy in your eyes.
Yes I know.
That I’m falling in love with me friend.
Deep inside I’m wishing,
Hoping you feel the same as I do.

Maybe I should keep silent,
About the way that I feel. I know,
But my heart won’t keep still. We should take it slow.
My eyes won’t let me hide it. But my heart keeps telling me,
Guess I can’t keep my cool, To just let go.
When I’m this close to you. And touch you,
And you’re acting kind of different. Kiss you,
The way you’re touching my hands, Embrace you.
And saying my name.
I know I am not mistaken. Repeat Chorus:
Your lips are telling me,
You’re wanting me now.

Repeat Chorus:


Written By: Walter Christopher


When she’s around I lose myself control.
She excites my mind, exhilarates my soul.
Her fingers on my ebony body,
Driving me crazy, so sensual.
I’m obsessed, possessed,
With her lovin’, sweet, sweet lovin’.
It’s taking me there. Oh it’s taking me there!


She brings passion to my life.
Satisfaction all the time.
I don’t want anybody else,
Cause she’s perfection.
Oh, she’s my passion, my passion.


When she slowly undresses,
The anticipation blows my mind.
There’s no drink, there’s no drug,
That gives me this kind of high.
She never holds back.
She only gives her best.
I may be in danger of going insane.
She’s my addiction, my prescription,
For satisfaction everyday.

Repeat Chorus:

The way she’s making me feel.
Ask myself can this be real.
What did I do to deserve her?
What did I do to deserve her?

Repeat Chorus:

There You Go Again

Written By: Walter Christopher

Verse 1:
Just like the beauty of a caribbean sunrise,
You’re like a rainbow after stormy skies.
I see my future when I’m looking in your brown eyes.
Your lovin’ makes me come alive.

There you go, there you go again.
Touching my heart with everything you do.
There you go, there you go again.
Possessing my soul.
Girl I’m so into you.

Verse 2:
Your touch is gentle like an evening summer breeze,
That sways the flowers and the trees.
Your voice is soothing like a tender melody.
A song that puts my mind at ease.

Repeat Chorus

I realized that I am blessed,
To have such love and happiness.
I adore you girl and I believe,
That we can share eternity.

Verse 3:
When I’m awakened by the early morning light,
With thoughts of making love on my mind.
Reflecting how you keep me totally satisfied.
I am so happy you are mine.

Repeat Chorus

Can’t get enough of your touch.
So don’t stop giving your love.
Baby, baby.


It's All About Love - Vol 1. CD (2001)
Can't Wait - CD (2007)
So Amazing (Single) - 2010
It's All About Love - Vol 2. CD (2011)
Walt Chris - The Remix Album EP (2012)
You're Beautiful (Single) (2013)
The Mellisonant Album - CD (2014)