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Gospel music infused with the soul of R&B, the energy of pop, and the refinement of a choral ensemble. Diverse - both the music and its makers. Finally, Gospel Music that appeals not only to traditional gospel listeners, but also to contemporary Christian and choral audiences alike.


We are Gospel Fusion! We sing music of the traditional black gospel experience uniquely infused with the energy of pop and rock, the heart of jazz, the soul of rhythm and blues, and the refinement of a contemporary choral ensemble. The multiculturalism of our group members allows an amazing artistic versatility that we celebrate when singing songs of love, faith and inspiration. We are not all music to all people, but we do borrow inspiration from other musical genres in order to not only appeal to the traditional gospel music listener, but also to contemporary Christian and choral audiences alike.

Walt Cunningham and One Accord is an extremely talented group which allows for a flexibility unheard of in the performance arena. Generally speaking, there are three different levels at which they can perform, all of which are highly entertaining. The smallest set-up consists of approximately 15-25 One Accord members accompanied by Walt on keyboard and singing a cappella and with tracks. This is the type of performance usually requested by smaller churches and community programs. The mid level performance would add a live 6-piece band that could also be expanded to 12-piece band if a horn section is requested. This type of performance is typically requested by larger churches and festivals. The largest set-up includes the larger mid-level performance and adds members of the Dartmouth College Gospel Choir (up to 40 members). This is the type of performance requested by colleges and major music festivals such as the New Orleans Jazz Fest. In all likelihood, it can only be performed 3 or 4 times a year usually as part of a Dartmouth College sponsored tour, though it is noted that it is not unusual for some students and former graduates to join us in mid-level performances.


Eclectic is the word Walt uses to describe both himself and his music. It is key to how his various careers and musical loves have come together to create a groundbreaking gospel group and CD.

A standout in his native Iowa, Walt excelled in many different areas. Declining a scholarship to Julliard, Walt decided to attend West Point making him one of only a thousand plus black Americans to graduate from the distinguished military academy. After fulfilling his military obligation, his communication skills won him the prestigious opportunity to serve as a national spokesperson for West Point.

Walt further honed those skills in the business sector working for corporate giants Pfizer, Inc and Wilson Learning. Over a 12-year period he has worked in sales, training and development, and performance consulting, earning many awards including top regional salesman for the launch of Viagra.

During all the above, Walt has always been involved with his God given gift of music. Whether it was as a lead in community musicals or as the cadet in charge of the gospel choir at West Point, he has always found a way to stay connected to his love of music. He has been actively involved in the local gospel music arena as a minister of music for several different Chicagoland churches and has conducted gospel music workshops across the mid-west and east coast. It was at this time that he founded the music group now called One Accord, made up of top talent from different churches across the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

Following his passion is what led Walt to the Ivy League where he is the Ensemble Conductor for the gospel choir at Dartmouth College. The response to his work with this college ensemble has been nothing less than phenomenal. During his 4-year tenure it has grown from a small student-run club with low attendance into a full 75-member performance ensemble with near sell-out audiences in Dartmouth�s largest auditorium. Recently, Walt, the Dartmouth ensemble and One Accord performed at the New Orleans Jazz Festival where they opened for Bishop Paul Morton, and during the Christmas holidays they will be doing a performance tour through Switzerland and Italy.

All the above has shaped Walt�s music of love, hope, and inspiration. His motivation is to bring this music to a world in need of something to ease their daily journey while simultaneously helping them to fulfill their divine destiny.


I Feel the Spirit

Written By: Walt Cunningham

I Feel the Spirit, I Feel the Spirit, I Feel the Spirit, moving (repeat chorus)

While there's so much I don't know
I know his spirit makes me whole
For when his spirit takes control
I feel warm down in my soul
For his spirit gives us love
And his spirit gives us peace
So turn on this holy spirit
And let strife and envy cease

You may say that this ain't easy
In fact it may seem so hard
But I got some good advice
Let it start within your heart
So from the moment you feel stressed
And you feel like you can't make it
You just fall down on your knees
And say "touch holy spirit"

Chorus (repeat)

All over me, All over me
All over me, spirit moving


CD - "I Feel the Spirit," now available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Set List

The following songs (both original and cover) are performed by Dartmouth College Gospel Choir and One Accord:

I Feel the Spirit
Good News Blues
Forgive and Heal
Do You Know the Light
Let Your Spirit Fall Upon Me
Let's Praise the Lord
Amazing Grace (Acapella)
Holy Holy Holy (Kurt Carr)
Imagine Me (Kirk Franklin)
I Am a Friend of God (Israel & New Breed)
Let's Dance (Lonnie Hunter)
Raise Me Up
Come By Here
For Every Mountain
Running For Jesus

*Also includes over 100 more cover and original songs