Walter J. Liveharder
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Walter J. Liveharder

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop




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Land of the Haters (itunes)
Go:Confidential mixtape
Trading Places mixtape
'Gold Trees' feat. PacDiv (
'Hot Biz' single (
'Put your word on that'- single
'Fuh King Posers'- single (



I'm so Chicago, you could call me pothole"

If you've ever seen him perform, you would
hear Walter J. Liveharder tell you he is
Chicago's Native Son. If you've ever met him
in person, you'd know that the same way he
beams about his city in his music is the same
way he embraces it in life. And if you've ever
listened to his lyrics, you'd know his sound
is none other than the pulse of the city that
he embodies: classic, blue collar, soulful,
and carried a with a chip on its shoulder.

His alias, Charlie Hustle, is fitting - the
same hard work he claims within his lyrics is
manifest in his daily grind. Ten years of
experience in the pits of the Chicago
Mercantile Exchange, countless performances,
and tireless efforts to bring his unique
product to anyone he meets have added up to
create a truly self-reliant and self-made man
and musician. He wears his status as an
independent artist with the same pride he
takes in being a Chicagoan. Yet beneath rough
timbre and savvy business instincts, he is a
caring father to his one year-old daughter
Sofia Terese, who has inspired and challenged
him as an emcee to reach for new levels and
open his perspective.

Liveharder has used this inspiration to propel
him into the next phase of his musical career
with his most refined, thorough, and action-
packed release titled "Go! Confidential". True
to his style, Liverharder's progression as an
emcee is felt in steady cadence and sharp-
witted punch lines. He juxtaposes his
knowledge of hip-hop's tradition with his
original elements, twisting a conscientious
message and unmistakable delivery over beats
that pay tribute to hip hop's golden era. He
is familiarity layered with that unfamiliar
but undeniable voice, he is one person with
one purpose but is fueled by his eclectic
surroundings, he is life embodied by art, he
is and does Liveharder.