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Walter Meego

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Ahh, Yes. Straight from the vast fields of Chicago, prepared to rock your socks off at a drop of the highest hat, it’s Walter Meego! Walter is a band of three young men on a musical mission, armed and ready to dance their collective way into your hearts. Open Up!


Walter Meego has been an entity for around 3 years. In 2002 and 2003 the group recorded demos and began playing around their native Champaign, IL and soon worked their way towards Chicago, where their smart electronic/rock crossover sound afforded them attention from Chicago's tastemaking audiences. In 2004, responding to the group's significant buzz and local success Walter Meego joined up with a Chicago management team who helped them release 2004's "Walter Meego EP" (independantly released on May 10th 2004). Walter Meego EP was received with an excellent response from critics and radio DJs, receiving very strong reviews and frequent spins on radio stations in and around Chicago. One reviewer said, "It's the type of sound that makes so much sense in today's current scene, but rarely executed this well."

The compact disc release was complimented with a 12" double A-side single (released by Social Entertainment on April 8th 2004) featuring the tracks "Weekday" and "Stars" from their EP. Both releases were supported with promotion at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX and the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL as well as pushes towards popular and tastemaking DJs domestically and internationally. Currently Walter Meego's music has support from DJs in Chicago, San Fransisco, Baltimore, Los Angeles, London and Paris, France as well as other smaller markets.

Walter Meego is set to release a new single entitled "Usually" in the fall (listen to a snippet of the track in the audio section). The tentative release date is Tuesday, October 11th. The single will feature Drum N' Bass and House remixes by recognized producers in those genres. DJ Evol (Frontline, Fix, Freeburning US) will be creating a Drum N' Bass remix and Derrick Carter is a candidate for the House remix.

Walter Meego is currently seeking: Label/Distribution, Booking Agent, Publishing


Walter Meego EP, CD
Released 10 May 2005

"Weekday" Single b/w "Stars", 12" Vinyl
Released 8 April 2005

Regional radio campaign to coincide with "Walter Meego EP" Release

Set List

Originals, limited covers, live PA