Walter Newton

Walter Newton


craigSinglemen's solo acoustic show is best described as a foundation of folk with and inspiration of modern ska and everything in between.


Growing up in the east end of Toronto, Craig was heavily influenced by his father’s expansive vinyl record collection. When Craig attended Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario, he looked to first year students in the music program for free "camp-fire-side" guitar lessons. After his first year of University, Craig spent the summer in British Columbia planting trees and learning form other musicians. Upon his return to Thunder Bay, he began playing “open mic nights” at the University coffee shop, which lead to the formation of his first band "The Married Singlemen”. Craig was featured several times on Lakehead radio’s popular program “15/50”. As the band progressed through many different members and varying gigs, Craig's love for music was showcased in his newfound ability to write and perform. Craig enjoyed being involved in many charity events, which benefited charities such as Thunder Bay’s Shelter House (which provides shelter, food and clothing for the less fortunate) and The Northern Cancer Research Foundation (which funds cancer research in northern Canadian Communities). After cutting their first album in Thunder Bay, Craig took on the band management position and scheduled their first cross-Canada tour; which consisted of nine shows from Thunder Bay all the way to Whistler BC. After the completion of their tour, Craig realized that the bands artistic differences were preventing him from following his musical aspirations and moved to Nelson BC to begin work on his first solo album. After writing and recording his first solo demo album, Craig planned/promoted and executed his first cross-Canada acoustic tour, which successfully included nine shows from Nelson BC to Toronto ON. Presently, you can view highlights of Craig’s recent tour and new official music videos on his self-titled “You Tube Channel”. Now dawning his new stage moniker "Walter Newton" Craig is currently in the process of booking a spring/summer tour of the west coast of the united states.


-February 2010, Self-Titled album, The Married Singlemen, available on itunes
-February 2011, Acoustic Demo, craigSinglemen, available on

Set List

25 original tracks (demo tracks available on myspace: and band camp:

Covers include re-written songs by the following artists:
-Neil Young
-Slightly Stupid
-The Mad Caddies
-The Tragically Hip
-Mumford and Sons
-Eric Clapton
-Tom Petty
-Talking Heads
-Dire Straits
-Bob Marley

and many others